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30.Introduction to MT4 mobile version

November 11, 2020 20:10

MT4 is one of the most preferred platforms for forex brokers. With the popularity of smart phones, whether iOS or Android, investors can download MT4’s mobile app, which allows them to receive market quotes and place trading orders. 


The mobile version of MT4 is easy to use, with a simple interface but is enough for investors to trade efficiently. MT4 mobile version provides chart function with the common technical analysis indicators. Investors can also set their entry orders in trading. 


Download and install the software and login the trading account 

Open the APPfor download on your mobile phone, search “MetaTrader4”, and select the MT4 software that comes out first (note that some download systems may not be able to directly search MT4). After the MT4 mobile app is installed, click on the software icon to enter the login screen. 


* It is important to note here that before downloading MT4 mobile version, please ask your broker for a demo or real account and login password, as these are the information you must enter when you log in. 


In the login screen, there is an option for new account. Click login to an existing account, and then search for the specified name of your broker in MT4 platform. Note that the “Demo” after the platform name refers to the demo trading server, while Live refers to the real trading server. You need to select the correct server, and then enter the account no. and password to complete the login. 


Here is what most investors first set up to facilitate daily trading. 



Setting display of the trading products  


After logging in, the quotation is divided into simple version and advanced version. The left side of the quotation is the bid price, and the right side is the ask price. The advanced version will show the bid-ask spread, the day low and day high. You can select the trade products you want to display for easy viewing. Click the pen-like icon in the upper left corner to adjust the display order of trading products and delete the display of trading products,  and click the “+” icon in the upper right corner to choose to add trading products. 


Click on the trade product to see the three options: Trade, Chart and Details. If you enter the chart, you can see the price trend of trade product. 


Adding various indicators 

After entering the technical trend chart of the trading product, click the indicator function of the “F” icon to add or delete technical indicators. 


MT4 mobile version contains nearly all the technical indicators of desktop version, including trend, oscillators, volumes and other common indicators such as Bill Williams indicators. In the objects function, users can also draw various common trend lines and channels according to their needs, and there are tools such as Gann, Fibonacci and Elliott for them to use. 



The mobile version of MT4 is quite simple and easy to use, even users with little trading experience can pick it up after several uses. The following is the download link of mobile version: Download here

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30.Introduction to MT4 mobile version - Zeal Capital Market


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