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PepsiCo Stock Price – PEP Price Chart, History, Prediction

December 07, 2021 17:31

PepsiCo is not only popular for its beverages, it is also it is recognised for its attractive stock. Indeed, the PepsiCo stock price (PEP) has a bull run that lasts more than 40 years, and market participants expect that this trend will continue. PepsiCo stock price has a lower level of volatility, making it an attractive investment for risk averse investors, while its regular price retracements indicate that trading signals could be identified. This guide will study the PepsiCo stock price in detail, from its history to forecasts, and will show you how to trade PEP at its current value.

PepsiCo Stock Price Chart Today

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PepsiCo Stock Price History

PepsiCo stock price has recorded a significant and continuous increase since the 1980s. Although it has established a well-defined upward trend, this movement has been occasionally interrupted by price swings. Let’s go into detail by looking at the Pepsi stock history now.

PepsiCo Stock Price Historical Trends

The PepsiCo stock price is a solid example of a company whose value has moved in a clearly defined upward trend. Indeed, the bull run in the company’s stock price started in 1980 and lasted for more than four decades. As such, the stock price of PepsiCo has appreciated by more than 15,000% since 1980.

The multi decade long bull run was interrupted by significant price swings a couple of times, but in most cases, the bottoms were higher than the previous dips.

  • The first major depreciation was recorded in 1993 when the stock price dropped by around 30% in about 15 months, although it made an attempt to bounce back.
  • In 1996, PepsiCo stock price lost 20% of its value in 3 months, hitting a low price of $28.
  • PepsiCo prices dropped by 35% and 30% in 1998 and 2002, respectively.
  • Between 2008 and 2009, the company lost close to 40% due to the financial crisis, and this is one of the largest price retracements in its history. However, the decrease in PepsiCo value was lower compared to the decline experienced by S&P 500.
  • PepsiCo shares fluctuated by 25% in a single month in 2015, while a price fluctuation of approximately 20% in a few months was evident in the first half of 2018
  • At the start of 2020, PEP stock price fluctuated by around 30%, between $147 and $101.

PepsiCo Stock Price Recent Trends

Since then, expectations about positive changes in economic indicators and increased consumer spending have positively impacted the stock price. PepsiCo financial performance was positively affected by changes in consumption trends and the appearance of at-home consumption preferences, which were strengthened with the coronavirus.

Finally, note that the all-time low price of PepsiCo stock was of around $1, in 1980. On the other side of the spectrum, PepsiCo historical stock price reached an all-time high of $165 in November 2021. It should however be noted that this price is adjusted for stock splits.

PepsiCo Stock Price Splits

PepsiCo stock has split multiple times throughout its history, with the latest stock split at 2 for 1 share in May 1996.

  • The first stock split occurred in 1944, at a ratio of 3 for 1 share.
  • The next stock split was in 1967, and shareholders received two shares for each share they owned or a 2 for 1 split ratio.
  • PepsiCo then performed three stock splits at a ratio of 3 for 1, in 1977, 1986 and 1990.

PepsiCo stock price experienced a negative effect of around 2.3% with the 1977 stock split, but the following stock splits had a positive effect on PepsiCo closing stock price.

The highest positive movement was noticed after the 1986 split, when the PepsiCo stock price appreciated by more than 7%. In 1986 the company split its stock with a pre-split price of $98.25 per share while the post-split price was $35.25 per share.

PepsiCo Stock Price Prediction

The performance of PepsiCo stock price is tracked by a wide number of analysts from investment and financial institutions like Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan Secure or Edward Jones. Moreover, financial experts from reputable journals also follow changes in PEP prices and, along with other experts, provide an opinion regarding the future price movements.

Consequently, around 60 investment analysts and experts give PEP stock a “buy” rank, while 13 analysts state that these shares have a “hold” rank.

Analysts also offer their opinions regarding possible stock price for PepsiCo shares:

  • The most optimistic forecasts show that the PepsiCo stock price may hit a level of $185
  • Some experts anticipate that the price could go to around $176 per share.
  • Pessimistic expectations place PEP stock price at a low price of between $125 and $155.
  • We note differences among analysts regarding the anticipated median PepsiCo stock price target, which is forecasted to be from a target price of $153.25 to $168. The quoted 1-year target price offered on the NASDAQ website is $168.

In terms of the future of PepsiCo stock price, things also look promising when we analyse the company’s performance. Indeed, the company’s efforts to develop and offer new products had positively affected its per share price because of the increased sales and revenue figures. Moreover, PepsiCo stock price has experienced a positive impact coming from the company’s acquisitions or partnerships with well-known brands. Thus, the company’s shares could maintain their upward trajectory in the long run and continue the multi decade bull trend.

Where Can I Buy PEP Stock Today?

You can trade PepsiCo shares very easily by opening an account with the online broker ZFX. With ZFX, you can to invest not only in PEP but also in other leading stocks, and other assets such as indices, commodities, and forex pairs.

ZFX has set a simple process to buy PepsiCo on its ZFX MT4 trading platform, suitable for newbie traders and advanced traders. The platform provides a wide variety of trading and analytical tools. ZFX also offers market news and an economic calendar to keep investors up to date with changes in important economic indicators. ZFX has also set up different types of accounts to accommodate various trading styles and different trading experiences.

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Investing in PepsiCo Stock: An Easy Tutorial

ZFX focuses on developing and offering a trading experience that is simple and easy to understand, enabling traders to focus their efforts on their trading strategy. Here is an overview of how to register an account with ZFX.

1. Register with ZFX 

Registering an account with ZFX happens entirely online. You can start by selecting any of the available account opening options, as shown in the next image.

Trade Walmart - Step 1

Then, a new window will appear, where you need to input your personal details.

PepsiCo Stock Price | PEP Price Chart, History and Prediction

Selecting the “Next” button when completed will create your trading account with ZFX. You can then proceed to the next steps. At this stage, ZFX will also provide you with a link to download the MT4 platform, and will display your associated username and password.

2. Make your first deposit

You can now fund your ZFX account. Note that you can deposit money via Bank Transfer or Credit Cards. For this, log in to your account and select “Deposit” in your dashboard. You need to select the preferred funding option and enter the needed information. Then, click on “Deposit”.

trade Facebook stock with ZFX - Step 3

3. Account verification

You must then verify your account by providing relevant documents as required by ZFX. Acceptable verification documents are passport, national ID or driver’s license that confirm your identity. Simply upload a scanned copy of a valid document on your dashboard.

trade Facebook shares with ZFX - Step 4

Additionally, you need to verify the bank account you plan to use for trading purposes. For this, ZFX will ask you to upload a bank statement or a copy of a page from your bank book.

4. Invest in PepsiCo stock at its current price

Finally, you need to download and install MT4, the platform through which you’ll be able to trade PEP.  You can download this platform via the link ZFX provided to you upon registration.

When the download is complete, log in to your ZFX MT4 trading account, and you can now trade PepsiCo shares.

Enter the details for your account in the account section and select ZFX live server. The PepsiCo stock, and other available assets, are accessible in the market watch column. Select PEP to see the current PepsiCo stock price and to set up your purchase. Decide on the trading volume, your order types, potential stop loss and take profit. Finalise your investment by clicking on the Buy button.

To Buy or Not to Buy PepsiCo Stock?

PepsiCo stock price has recorded a continuous increase during the last couple of decades. The company has managed to adapt its strategy and become even stronger after going through price retracements. Hence, the company is still a solid buy, not only because experts and analysts say so, but because it has attractive fundamental characteristics and features.

Low volatility and financial performance

PepsiCo engages in business activities within a defensive sector, and this is why it is a a blue-chip company. Accordingly, the company’s shares have low volatility and thus pose less risk to investors. Moreover, PepsiCo stock has a solid dividend payout with a dividend yield of 2.64%. And PepsiCo enjoys solid track records in terms of earnings, and consumer staple shares commonly have a stable performance during economic downturns.

Strong diversification of product offerings

Through the years, PepsiCo managed to develop a well-diversified portfolio of products offered in the beverage and snacks market. The company achieves this high degree of diversification through strategic partnerships and acquisitions. Such product diversification means that the company has an enhanced ability to generate revenue from different markets and different customer segments.

Innovative and adaptable strategy

PepsiCo centres its operations around an innovative strategy, and the company has the ability to adapt to changes in consumption trends and changes in customer preferences. For example, PepsiCo introduced the Neon Zebra as a non-alcoholic cocktail mixer, to capture the at-home consumption trend induced by the pandemic. PepsiCo also introduced Frutly, its new juice product line, to capture another customer base and expand its activities in new trends.

Things to Know About the PepsiCo Stock Price Before You Invest

Past performance of PepsiCo stock price can serve as the starting point in the process of developing a trading strategy, but investors should give higher weight to changes in fundamental factors. This is because there are changes in customer preferences and economic indicators which are not captured by the price past movements.

Thus, investors need to monitor news and announcements related to PepsiCo and its industry. Also follow events and developments associated with the domestic and global economy because an economic growth or downturn influences the potential revenue levels and overall company’s financial performance. For instance, an increase in consumer spending levels might increase potential revenues for PepsiCo. Moreover, changes in commodity prices are crucial for PepsiCo stock price, and investors should monitor them.

Also note that PepsiCo operates in a defensive sector, which means that economic trends influence its operations and performance. Traders also need to pay attention to economic changes in individual regions or economies, as some of them have a greater influence on PepsiCo performance. One example would be the Asia Pacific region, which generates nearly 10% of the company’s total revenue.

Bottom Line: What Can We Expect from PepsiCo Stock Price?

PepsiCo stock could well be a solid buy, because it has a well-defined strategy that enables it to adapt to changing market conditions and broaden the revenue generating segments. Moreover, the company has highly diversified product lines that attract different types of customers and help its expansionary activities. Also, the company pays a solid dividend and records higher earnings and revenue levels compared to the previous years. Finally, there is a bullish sentiment among analysts and experts.

If you wish to invest in PEP stock today, you can invest in just a few simple steps with ZFX. Simply follow the tutorial outlined in this article, and you will be able to add PepsiCo stock to your portfolio safely and easily.

en stock trading and price

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