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29.What is MT4 (Metatrader 4)?

November 11, 2020 20:11

Introduction to MT4


MetaQuotes Software Corp, a world-renowned forex trading Software development company, launched MetaTrader4(MT4) in July 2005. Only two months after the launch, MT4 has become the mainstream platform in the forex market. Due to its stable and high-quality performance, MT4 is widely recognized as the most widely used trading software in the world, occupying more than 90% of the forex and Contract For Difference (CFD) market at one time.

Just like the trading software provided by stock brokers, MT4 provides users with a quick and convenient way to trade. With MT4, investors can not only customize the trading interface with a large library of technical indicators, but also can keep track of their positions, as well as past trading records. If the user knows how to design automated trading programs, they can also use the MT4 platform for Algo trading (EA, Expert Advisor).

The stability of software is very high with almost no delay, and that’s why MT4 is so “internationalized”. If the users do not have their own PC, MT4 also provides a smart phone version. If the users do not have trading experience, they can also try it out by opening a demo account. Most brokers will provide demo trading account service on MT4, where investors only need to simply register.

The main reason for MT4’s popularity is that it works well with different types of investors, even speculators. Most brokers offer a wide range of trading products, including forex, precious metals, commodities, stocks, indexes, or other financial derivatives. MT4 is powerful enough for investors who want to make profit in the financial markets through short-term trading. Because of the versatility of the platform, the global community using MT4 has shared many technical indicators and EA for public, which can be downloaded for free. Even historical prices and charts of some popular trading products are available for free download for investors’ reference.

Register account and download MT4


Investors can register the demo or real live account of MT4 and get the login information here.

 real live account请点击

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MT4 platform can be used on desktop, mobile phone or tablet. After downloading MT4, you can log in by using your ZFX client info.

Please click here to download MT4.



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29.What is MT4 (Metatrader 4)? - ZFX


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