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ZFX Copy Trading allows traders to replicate the performance of the platform’s top earning investors. With this tool, you’ll be able to follow and automatically copy high-return portfolios, in just a few clicks. So whatever your investing goals, ZFX Copy Trading can help you save valuable time and help you grow passive income – even if you don’t have previous trading experience.

Why choose ZFX Copy Trading?

An easy-to-use and free trading tool
An inclusive platform: no need for extensive trading knowledge or experience
No need to spend hours training or working on trades
An entirely customisable trading experience: diversify your portfolio by copying trades in a variety of markets
A team of ZFX professionals at your service to help you along the way

Highlight feature of ZFX Copy Trading

Save Time

A time-saving way to earn passive income


An easy and intuitive platform, open to all


Seamless and optimised order execution


Total control over your trades and strategy


Copy Trading Mandates

ZFX Copy Trading for Copier

As a Copier, you will gain instant access to our network of hundreds of successful investors from all around the world. You can then learn from their past experience and discover what they invest in, what their returns are, the type of account they hold and more. Whatever your objectives, you are bound to find a copying opportunity that will suit you.

To get started, you’ll simply need to log into your MT4 account, identify the portfolio(s) you wish to replicate and then select “Copy”. From there, you’ll be able to monitor your trades and pause or edit your investments at any time.

ZFX Copy Trading for Trader

Are you an experienced trader with a successful investing record? In that case, becoming a ZFX Top Trader could allow you to earn passive income. Indeed, as a Top Trader, you get paid every time an investor replicates your portfolio. In order to be eligible, on top of your previous experience, you also need to possess an MT4 account with gains of at least 5% and a transaction history of at least 3 months.