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Microsoft Stock Price – MSFT Price Chart, History, Prediction

December 06, 2021 12:45

Betting on the Microsoft stock price is an obvious choice for many investors who want to gain exposure to the technology sector while avoiding risky young stocks. Microsoft is indeed one of the most important companies globally, and Microsoft stock price has had an impeccable track record throughout its history. This article will analyse the background of MSFT current stock price and look at the major milestones in its history. We will also discuss the Microsoft stock price target, in an attempt to assess how far it could go. Finally, we will introduce you to an online broker that we particularly like, especially when buying Microsoft stock.

Microsoft Stock Price Chart Today

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Microsoft Stock Price History

In this section, we will describe in more detail Microsoft stock price history, identifying the major phases of its growth and the crises that have caused the Microsoft stock price to fall.

Microsoft stock price historical trends

Unlike many technology stocks, Microsoft is not a “new” stock. It was indeed first listed in the mid-1980s. After having evolved slightly bullishly until the mid-90s, the increase of the Microsoft share price accelerated strongly in the face of the Internet bubble of the 2000s.

The Microsoft stock price rose from around 4 dollars in 1995 to a peak of almost 60 dollars at the end of 1999. At that time, the price of Microsoft stock increased 15-fold in under five years.

The technology bubble bursting then brought the Microsoft stock price down to a low of 20 dollars in January 2001. Following this, MSFT stock price went through a long 13-year period of hesitation around a pivotal price at $25.

In early 2014, the stock price Microsoft once again surpassed the $40 mark for the first time in more than 10 years. From there, the rise in Microsoft’s stock price was exponential, with the stock rising almost in a straight line, correcting only on very rare occasions. It rose to an all-time high of $309 in October 2021.

Microsoft stock price splits

As far as splits are concerned, investors should note that the stock price for Microsoft has undergone several of them throughout its history.

More precisely, we can identify 9 splits of the Microsoft share since its introduction on the Stock Exchange. However, the last split on the Microsoft stock price was 8 years ago, in February 2003. The split ratio was then 2 to 1.

Microsoft Stock Price Prediction 

As far as forecasts are concerned, notably the predictions of professional bank analysts for the price of Microsoft stock, investors will be happy to learn that they are remarkably optimistic.

Indeed, we can currently count 20 analysts who follow the stock and regularly formulate predictions for the Microsoft future stock price. Rarely, all these 20 analysts agree to recommend to their clients to buy Microsoft shares.

It is also worth noting that the average Microsoft stock target price of these analysts, which is slightly above 140 dollars, suggests a potential upside of more than 10%. However, traders should note that some analysts are more optimistic than others regarding stock price of Microsoft. For example, Tyler Radke of Citigroup has a Microsoft stock price target of $411. This suggests a potential upside of more than 33% from the current Microsoft share value.

How Can I Buy MSFT Stock Today?

To trade MSFT stock today, you first need to choose a reliable and efficient online broker. Among the best brokers to buy Microsoft stock is ZFX.

ZFX provides many benefits to its clients. These include the very popular and appreciated MT4 trading platform, competitive fees, educational tools and resources, a free demo account… Finally, with ZFX offers you can diversify your portfolio easily, thanks to its wide catalogue of stocks, indices, forex and commodities. Let’s see how to get started.

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How to Buy Microsoft Stock Easily

Buying Microsoft stock from ZFX broker is a quick and easy process. In fact, you will be able to open an online account in just a few minutes. Let’s go through each step in detail.

1- Register with ZFX

You will need to go to the ZFX website homepage and click on the “Open an account” button for this first step. A registration form will appear.

Trade Walmart - Step 1

You will need to your several personal details, as shown in the image above. This includes your phone number, which will be verified via SMS.

Trade with ZFX - basic info to buy Microsoft stock

Then, choose your account type, accept the ZFX policies and select “Sign up now”.

MT4 Login to trade Microsoft stock price

Now you are registered, you will be able to download the MT4 platform. ZFX will provide you with your MT4 login and password. You will need these in the final trading step.

2- Deposit funds on your account

After opening your account, you need to deposit money into it. To do so, click the “Make a deposit” button on the screen displayed immediately after registration. You will then be asked to choose a payment method. You can choose to pay via bank transfer or credit card.

Make Deposit - Microsoft Stock Price

Here, enter the amount you want to deposit and click the “Confirm Deposit” button. You will then need to enter your credit card information before the final validation of the payment.

3– Verify your ZFX account

The final step before you can buy Microsoft stock is to verify your account. To do this, you will need to submit supporting documents online, as shown below:

trade Facebook shares with ZFX - Step 4

4– Invest in Microsoft stock at current price

Once your documents are validated, you will then be ready to buy Microsoft stock. To proceed, download MetaTrader 4 and login using your MT4 details, as provided during step 1. Through your Dashboard, you can find all the assets ZFX offers. You will find Microsoft under ‘MSFT’. Select it, and then invest as you wish.

To Buy or Not to Buy Microsoft?

Let’s look at some arguments that confirm Microsoft stock price could continue to rise in the future.

Microsoft is the world leader in OS and Software

One of Microsoft’s great strengths, and one of the most critical bullish factors for the Microsoft stock price, is its near-monopoly in the field of operating systems and office software.

Indeed, its Windows operating system is the most widely used in the world, by far. In addition, billions of workers and students worldwide use its office suite, which includes the world’s most popular software such as Word and Excel.

Such dominance provides Microsoft with a steady stream of revenue, allowing the company to have the resources to develop other, higher-growth businesses. It also protects the company in case of crisis, as Microsoft products are considered indispensable. So this is an obvious bullish factor for Microsoft stock price in the long run.

A Major Player in the High Growth Cloud Computing Industry

In addition to dominating operating systems and software markets, Microsoft has made a name for itself in many other businesses. For example, Microsoft is the second-largest player in the global cloud computing market, second only to Amazon.

However, the latest quarterly data shows that Microsoft’s cloud computing business is growing faster than Amazon’s, suggesting that Microsoft is gaining market share on Jeff Bezos’ company. This means MFST stock can also be approached as a smart bet on the cloud computing sector.

The Microsoft Stock pay a Dividend

Microsoft stock is one of the few technology stocks that pay a dividend. Although it is under 1%, this is a strong point for a stock that already offers a good track record of capital growth. What’s more, Microsoft’s stock dividend has been growing nearly 10% per year over the past 5 years.

This growth suggests that beyond MSFT stock price appreciation, the stock could also be of interest to investors building a long-term income-oriented portfolio.

Microsoft stock price trend is strongly bullish

Finally, as we’ve already pointed out earlier in this guide, it’s important to remember that Microsoft’s stock price is currently in a powerful uptrend that shows no signs of abating.

Thus, as long as Microsoft stock does not break below the significant supports we identified earlier in this analysis, we can consider that the odds are in favour of a continuation of the rise in Microsoft stock price, at least from a technical analysis perspective.

Things to Know about the Microsoft stock price before you Invest

Below are some the tips and tricks that we feel are most essential for traders to start investing in Microsoft stock in the right conditions.

  • Follow the news in the technology sector: Microsoft operates in many technological fields. It is therefore important to follow the news about the company and about the technology sector in general. Just make sure to identify a source of quick and reliable information.
  • Past performance is no guarantee of future performance: the Microsoft stock price’s stunning past upward trend should not blind you from the possibility that the tide may turn. Always remember past performance can’t help predict the future.
  • Choose a reputable broker: Insofar as it is with an online broker that you will deposit your capital, and conduct all your trades, you need to choose your broker with care. As such, you should select a regulated broker that offers competitive fees and an easy-to-use platform. ZFX is a great example which meets these criteria and more.
  • Make use of free demo accounts: ZFX offers you the possibility to test the trading platform with virtual capital. This demo mode allows you to develop and refine your trading strategy on the Microsoft stock price without risking losing money.
  • Learn to analyze Microsoft stock price charts: Although Microsoft stock price news and financial results greatly affect the long-term evolution of MSFT price, it is essentially chart analysis that governs the short-term evolution. We, therefore, invite you to learn the basics of this discipline. This will allow you to quickly and easily make trading decisions on the Microsoft share price.

Bottom Line: What Can We Expect From Microsoft Stock Price?

Microsoft stock is a must-have technology stock for millions of investors worldwide, with a strong and growing business. In addition, long-term charts show an impressive upward trend in Microsoft share price for nearly 10 years.

In this analysis, we have also seen that there are indications that this upward trend will continue overtime. Indeed, Microsoft intends to continue to grow and diversify, and analysts are very confident about this. Thus, professionals unanimously recommend Microsoft as a buy.

To take advantage of the considerable upward potential of the Microsoft stock price, you can do so through the online broker ZFX. As we have shown in this guide, this broker has many qualities that will satisfy both short-term traders and long-term investors.

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