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Coca-Cola Stock Price Chart, History and Forecast

December 09, 2021 11:27

Selling more than a billion servings of beverages each day, Coca-Cola is the leading manufacture of soft drinks. It also boasts one of the most extensive distribution networks in the world, offering 400 products to over 200 territories. This in part explains the popularity of Coca-Cola stocks, which have been through many changes since the company’s IPO over a century ago. In this article, we will provide an in-depth understanding of Coca-Cola stock price, from its history to its forecasts. We will also show you how to invest in KO stock in a few easy steps.

Coca-Cola Stock Price Chart Today 

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Coca-Cola Stock Price History

Even tough past results are not an indicator of future performance, studying Coca Cola historical stock prices can help us better understand the Coca Cola stock price today. Let’s take a look at the history of KO share price in detail.

Coca-Cola Stock Price Historical Trends

The Coca-Cola Company’s stock history started in 1919, when the company issued 600 000 shares. The IPO took place on the New York Stock Exchange, and Coca-Cola originally used the ticker CCO – which was replaced by the current KO symbol in 1923. The company initially offered common stocks at $40 a share ($0.004 when adjusted for stock splits), while preferred stocks went for $100 each.

Although the Coca Cola stock price increased within the first few years post-IPO, it fell abruptly in October 1929, when the Wall Street Crash occurred. This created a decade-long economic downturn in the US, which took down Coca-Cola stock with it.

That said, despite declines in sales and the Coca-Cola company stock price, the company eventually emerged from the economic crisis. In July 1982, Coca-Cola introduced Diet Coke, and within a year of its release, Diet Coke had become America’s top sugar-free beverage. This boosted Coca-Cola’s retail sales by 7%, and the stock price was trading at $1.2 at the time.

In April 1985, the original Coke was discontinued, and KO stock price then dipped by 3%. The new Coke caused outrage among the company’s loyal customers, and after 77 days, the company reverted to the classic formula. Coca-Cola was then able to outdo competitors again, and its stock price reached high of around $3.16.

The KO stock price kept hitting high after high, and by the turn of the new millennium, the price had hit a new high of $43. In 2000, however, Coca-Cola’s stock price fell by up to 60% to $18.85 because of the dot-com crash. It finally surpassed its pre-dotcom-crisis value in February 2016.

Coca-Cola stock posted its all-time high of $60.13 on February 21, 2020 – shortly before the
Covid-inspired sell-off that hit in March of the same year. By the end of 2021, Coca-Cola stock recovered almost 44% from March 2020. The rally was driven by the successful vaccine rollout and the gradual lifting of lockdowns worldwide.

Coca-Cola Stock Price Splits

Coca-Cola has had 11 different stock splits in its history. The first one took place on April 25, 1927. It was a 1 for 1 stock dividend, which implies that for 1 share of Coca-Cola owned, shareholders now owned 2 shares. For example, a 1000 share position before the stock dividend became a 2000 share position.

Below is a list of the remaining 10 Coca-Cola stock splits.

  • 1935: 4 for 1 stock split
  • 1960: 3 for 1 stock split
  • 1965: 2 for 1 stock split
  • 1968: 2 for 1 stock split
  • 1977: 2 for 1 stock split
  • 1986: 3 for 1 stock split
  • 1990: 2 for 1 stock split
  • 1992: 2 for 1 stock split
  • 1996: 2 for 1 stock split
  • 2012: 2 for 1 stock split

When you take a look at the Coca-Cola stock price history chart, you’ll notice that Coca-Cola only split its stock after its price rose too much and no longer attracted a wider range of buyers.

Coca-Cola Stock Price Predictions

Use these predictions and analyses from experts to further reinforce your investment decision.

Analyst consensus: buy, hold, or sell?

According to TipRanks, 7 analysts giving stock ratings for Coca-Cola stock rate it a moderate buy. Out of 7 analysts, 4 rate it a buy, 3 rate it a hold, and none of them rate it a sell.

Coca-Cola Stock Price targets

Coca-Cola shares are trading above their 20, 50, and 200-day moving averages, which investors mainly use to identify uptrends. It looks like the short-term bullish momentum might take it beyond the $58 psychological mark.

Coca-Cola Stock Price Predictions in 1, 2, 5, 10 years

According to AI Pickup, 5 Wall Street analysts offering Coca-Cola stock forecasts have an average price target of $63.2, with a high forecast of $65.0 and a low forecast of $60. For 2022, 2025, and 2030, the analysts have average price targets of $59, $51.44, and $118, respectively.

Where Can I Buy KO Stock Today?

Do you feel like Coca-Cola stock is a right fit for your portfolio? The good news is that the stock is technically available to any investor. All you’ll need to do is register with a reputable brokerage platform, like ZFX.

ZFX is a reliable and efficient investment platform that will meet the needs of both new and experienced investors. In addition to its user-friendliness, ZFX also offers a wide array of financial instruments you can invest in.

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Investing in Coca-Cola Stock: Tutorial

While investing in Coca-Cola stock on ZFX, you’ll do so using the MT4 trading platform, which has practically become the de facto standard among all trading platforms. With that in mind, here is a step-by-step guide on registering an account with ZFX.

Step 1: Register with ZFX

First, go to ZFX’s homepage, then click on “Open an Account” at the top of the page.

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On the form that pops up, provide some basic information like your names, email address, the password you’d like to use, then hit the “Next” button when you’re done.

Coca-Cola Stock Price | Coca-Cola Price Chart, History and Prediction

Here, ZFX requires you to select your preferred account type and check some boxes if you agree with their privacy policy and terms of use. Hit the “Sign up Now” button when you’re done.

Right after this, you will receive a link to download the MT4 platform, as well as your MT4 login and password. You will need these in order to start trading KO stocks in the final step.

Step 2: Make Your First Deposit

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Fund your account with the amount you’d like to invest in Coca-Cola stock. Note that you can deposit funds using a bank transfer or a credit card payment.

Step 3: Account Verification

trade Facebook shares with ZFX - Step 4

ZFX will then require you to verify your identity and address. To proceed, submit a valid form of identification and utility bill or bank statement. ZFX will then review and verify your documents.

Step 4: Invest in Coca-Cola Stock at its Current Price

You’re now a single step from becoming a trader. All you now need to do is to download the MT4 platform as mentioned in step 1. Install it on your device, then launch the platform, and log in using the details ZFX sent to you. You can now find Coca-Cola stock under the ticker KO and start trading it right away.

To Buy or Not to Buy Coca-Cola? Points to Consider

  1. Coca-Cola is a great dividend stock

Coca-Cola is among the best dividend stocks there are. In fact, the company’s dividend is both growing and sustainable. This makes Coca-Cola a true dividend aristocrat. A dividend aristocrat refers to a firm that has increased its dividend for over 25 consecutive years. Coca-Cola has actually raised its dividend payout for the past 59 years in a row.

  1. The company is sufficiently diversified

Throughout its history, Coca-Cola has pursued a proactive acquisition strategy, buying up firms and expanding its product range. These acquisitions include Costa Coffee, Monster Beverage, Honest and Minute Maid, to name just a few.

Better yet, today, the firm operates in a vast franchised distribution system, selling its products through a network of company-controlled or owned operators, as well as through independent bottling retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and partners. This nature of diversification has allowed Coca-Cola stock to withstand many challenges throughout history.

  1. Global presence

One of the main Coca-Cola stock strengths lies in the fact that it maintains a presence all across the globe. And what’s more, there is still room for growth for Coca-Cola, as China, Indonesia, and India remain practically underpenetrated in terms of customer base.

  1. Warren Buffet is a major Coca-Cola stockholder

Coca-Cola is one of the Oracle of Omaha’s largest equity holdings. According to the Berkshire Hathaway portfolio tracker, Apple stock is number one, followed by Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and then Coca-Cola.

So long as Warrant Buffet still owns a significant portion of Coca-Cola, this will be an indication to many traders that betting on the KO stock price is a smart move.

Things to Know About the Coca-Cola Stock Price Before You Invest

Here are some factors that can cause Coca-Cola’s stock price per share to dip and peak.

  1. Brand loyalty among millennials

Today, Coca-Cola as a brand doesn’t command as much power as it once did, mainly because Baby Boomers (the most loyal to brands they grew up with like Coca-Cola) are retiring and aren’t spending much.

Unlike Baby Boomers, Millennials, who are about to become the largest consumer demographic, are typically more brand agnostic. Coca-Cola will thus need to craft a strategy that allows them to forge brand loyalty among millennials en masse.

  1. KO stock price and economic forces

Be wary of high inflation, as it causes the cost of production to rise, which, in turn, implies that Coca-Cola will need to tackle the inevitable issue of an increase in prices. Remember, if Coca-Cola raises its price, it risks losing clients who’ll no longer be able to afford something they desire but don’t necessarily need.

  1. Coca-Cola stock price and the emerging markets

Even though emerging markets should be lucrative and present potentials for high profits, some of them also come with risks that can negatively impact firms like Coca-Cola. A great example is an economic uncertainty and political instability in certain parts of the world like the Middle East, which often force Coca-Cola to re-allocate funds and re-evaluate strategies.

  1. Keep an eye on Coca-Cola’s competitors

Coca-Cola’s competitors, like PepsiCo, also maintain a huge global presence and have been giving Coca-Cola a run for its money. So, keep a constant eye on them to be a profitable Coca-Cola trader and investor.

Bottom Line: What Can We Expect from the Coca-Cola Stock Price?

Coca-Cola stock remains a popular and attractive stock to many investors today, and the KO stock price still seems to have potential growth. What’s more, the company’s shares offer a solid and stable dividend, and what’s more the Coca-Cola stock price predictions point to potential growth overtime.

If you wish to start trading Coca-Cola stock today, you can do so using the trusted broker ZFX. ZFX not only is highly regulated, it also provides the popular MT4 platform, a wide variety of trading assets, useful trading tools and a lot more benefits.

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