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P&G Stock Price – PG Price Chart, History and Prediction

December 01, 2021 17:40

P&G is a well-known company with products used in a vast number of countries. The company’s performance, history and dividends mean that many institutional and individual investors include its stock in their portfolio. Furthermore, P&G stock price has recorded an overall upward movement for more than five decades, with anticipation that the bull trend will continue. Let’s take a look at the PG stock price today, its history and forecast. 

P&G Stock Price Chart Today 

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PG Stock Price History 

The PG stock price history dates back to 130 years ago, when the company was incorporated in 1890. P&G used its IPO as a way to gather additional cash that would support the company’s growth. The P&G stock price history shows interesting aspects related to its fluctuations and major price surges or declines. 

PG Stock Price Historical Trends  

On the P&G price chart (adjusted for splits), we see that until the early 1980s, the P&G stock price movement was relatively flat, fluctuating in a narrow range with an upper band of below $2. Then, after 1982, the P&G price per share moved beyond the resistance level and started a multi decade bull run. By the end of the 1980s, P and G stock price doubled, reaching almost $8 in 1989.  

A few price dips interrupted the multi decade bull run. The first significant decline occurred in March 2000, when the stock price plunged 30% in a single day, due to weak financial results caused by higher costs for raw materials. Overall, P&G stock price fell by around 50% in the first half of 2000, and the company recorded an All-Time-Low (ATL) per share of $27 in March 2000.  

After stabilising in 2001, Procter and Gamble stock price had a bull movement to a peak price of close to $75 at the end of 2007. Then, another significant decline in P G stock price history appeared in 2008, cause by the financial crisis. Until the first half of 2009, P&G per share price depreciated by around 30%, hitting a low price of just under $44 in March 2009.  

By the end of 2009, the stock bounced back by 35%, and in 2010 it started to move sideways. The stock moved within the range of $60 to $68 until 2012. The company’s shares recorded a new price peak at the end of 2014 at $91, while in 2015, the price dropped by 20% in under a year. It took almost two years for shares to reach the PG historical stock price of $91 in 2017.  

After hitting a low price in April 2018, P&G stock price started its multi-year bull movement reaching new highs. And since then, P&G share prices recorded a new All-Time-Time high on September 13, 2021, when it closed at $145.68. 

P&G Stock Price Splits 

P&G stock history shows that between 1970 and 2004, the company made 6 stock splits, all with a split ratio of 2 for 1. Here are the split dates and the respective price before and after the split. 

Split date  Ratio  Price before the stock split  Price after stock split 
June 21, 2004  2 for 1  $110.19  $55.5 
September 22, 1997  2 for 1  $142.75  $71 
June 15, 1992  2 for 1  $100  $49.62 
November 20, 1989  2 for 1  $129.5  $64.75 
February 22, 1983  2 for 1  $114.38  $56.12 
May 19, 1970  2 for 1  $96.25  $46.25 

P&G tends to split its stock once the price moves beyond the level of $100 per share. It is also evident that P&G is inclined to split its stock when it appreciates by over 100%, as can be seen when comparing the price between splits.  

PG Stock Price Prediction  

Many analysts and financial experts from financial firms (Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley…) and popular journals and platforms (CNN Business, WSJ, Market Watch…) track developments related to P&G stock price. They provide their opinion on whether PG stock should be ranked as a buy, hold or sell, as follows: 

  • 33 analysts assign a buy rating, 4 of them even rank PG stock as a strong buy  
  • 34 experts think that shareholders should hold the stock.  
  • 4 analysts believe the stock is overweight, indicating that the PG share has the potential to outperform other assets. 

P&G stock price forecasts for short to intermediate-term are bullish. The lowest expectations about the PG stock price target for future are set at $149.53. The highest anticipated median target price sits at $156.6.   

Based on the expected PG stock target price, PG shares could provide a potential return of up to 10% during the next period. The high price expectations are set between $163 to $168, whereas the pessimistic forecast places the PG share value at around $138 to $139. 

The five-year PG stock price forecast is also bullish, and it is expected that PG stock may hit a record high price of $235. Certain analysts even believe PG might perform a new stock split, which means that the price will be adjusted accordingly. 

How Can I Buy PG Stock at Today’s Price? 

To buy PG shares, investors should register an account with an online broker, such as ZFX. ZFX might be categorised as an optimal broker for investing not only in P&G stock but also in other stocks and other assets.

ZFX is focused on making the trading experience enjoyable for both new and experienced traders. It offers different trading accounts and an MT4 trading platform rich with diverse trading tools. Moreover, traders have access to a trading calculator, educational materials, market news and an economic calendar that provides values for key indicators related to different economies.

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Investing in P&G Stock: Tutorial

You can easily buy and sell P&G stock through the MT4 platform provided by ZFX. ZFX has set a couple of easy steps for traders to follow to open an account and buy PG shares, as follows.  

1. Register with ZFX

Start by opening an account with ZFX when you go directly to the “Open an account” option on the broker’s website or visit the “Accounts” section first. After you select one of the options, you will be taken to a new window. 

Trade P&G stock price - Step 1

When you fill in the required fields, just hit “Next”, and you have registered your account. 

Trade P&G stock price with ZFX - basic info

2. Make your first deposit 

When they enter their account, traders can deposit money by selecting “myZFX” at the top right corner of the website. Look for the “Deposit” section on your dashboard and follow the simple instructions to fund your account, using Bank Transfer or Credit card.  

trade P&G stock price with ZFX - Step 3

3. Account verification   

To verify your ZFX account, you need to present a valid document such as a national ID, passport or driver’s license. ZFX will ask you to upload a scanned copy of your document as part of the verification method. You will also need to authenticate your bank account, which is done by providing a copy of your bank statement or a page from your bank book. 

trade P&G stock price with ZFX - Step 4

4. Invest in P&G stock at current price 

The last step before purchasing PG stock involves the setup of the MT4 trading platform, and you can start by downloading the desired version. Now you can buy PG stock by logging into your ZFX MT4 trading account. When you fill in the user’s name and password, also select the ZFX live server. 

You can buy PG stock by selecting the company shares from the Market watch list and filling in the elements of your transaction on the graph that emerges to the right. You can see the current price, set the take profit or stop loss, set the order type and the desired volume. 

To Buy or Not to Buy P&G Stock 

The reasons to buy PG stock are plenty. First off, P&G is considered to be a blue-chip company with a high degree of stability and reliable performance. The stock has even registered a better five-year return in the past compared to the S&P 500’s five-year performance. PG shares have a dividend yield of 2.44%, and the payout has experienced continuous growth of over 60 years.  

P&G stock is also supported with a stable cash flow, satisfactory earnings and strong financial position. It is also attractive to investors because of PG’s strengths and position in global markets. For example, during the covid-19 pandemic, P&G organic sales were higher than the organic sales recorded by certain competitors. 

Even though it is a popular brick and mortar company, P and G follows the technological developments and changes in customer preferences. Hence, the company has developed e-commerce solutions, and already records a significant level of revenue from its online presence. It assigns a high value to innovation, which is a crucial factor that enables PG to grow through increased value to customers, cost reductions, and developments of new products.  

Finally, Procter and Gamble has the ability to offer multiple product options suitable for consumers with different financial strength. The constant development and innovation of new products are evident with the company’s astonishing number of more than 50,000 patents globally. 

Things to Know About PG Stock Price Before You Invest 

  • The size of the P&G company and its integration in the global markets means that many market participants closely monitor its stock. As such, media and financial experts cover news about PG stock price and what affects it. Traders should pay attention to this, and follow the announcements made by P&G: stock splits, dividends payments, acquisitions… Following the news related to global economic activity is also highly important. 
  • PG shares are a popular investment for asset management companies, mutual funds, hedge funds, investment advisory companies, wealth advisors and individual investors. Hence, changes in the interest coming from major institutional investors may indicate possible movement in P and G stock prices. You should thus pay attention to any shift in these interests. 
  • Finally, even though technical analysis is widely used by investors for their investment decision, you shouldn’t rely solely on it. Indeed, technical indicators analyse past movements in stock price and disregard any qualitative factors that affect PG shares value. Hence, traders should follow relevant news and confirm their trading signals with fundamental and technical assessments. 

Bottom Line: What to Expect from the P&G Stock Price? 

P&G stock thus represents a buy opportunity, not only because of the analysts’ forecasts and expectations, but also because of its fundamentals. The company has a solid financial performance, and as a blue-chip company, it can add stability to your portfolio.  

Also, the company stock has low volatility and daily price fluctuations are not a regular occurrence. And finally, PG is dedicating resources to the R&D activities which is predicted to increase its revenues, meaning the company might distribute larger dividends which are welcomed by investors. 

Ready to invest in P&G shares? If so, you can invest today thanks to ZFX. Indeed, this regulated and reliable broker offers many benefits to P&G traders of all levels, as detailed in this guide. 

en stock trading and price

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