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Chevron Stock Price – CVX Price Today, History, Prediction

December 02, 2021 15:52

With oil prices on the rise, betting on the Chevron stock price seems to be a wise investment choice. It is one of the largest oil companies in the world, and there are indications that the Chevron stock price could still have a bright future. In this analysis, we will look at current CVX stock price, its history and forecasts. We will also introduce you to a simple and easy way to bet on the Chevron stock price. 

Chevron Stock Price Chart Today

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Chevron Stock Price History

This section will look at the Chevron stock price history over the past few decades. We will also discuss the trades that have taken place in the Chevron stock price, including stock splits. 

Chevron stock price historical Trends 

Regarding the Chevron stock price history, the stock was trading around $10 in the mid-1980s. The Chevron Corp stock price then rose steadily until April 1999, when it peaked at over $52, seeing its value multiply by 5 in about 15 years.  

Then, a period of uncertainty and the dot com crisis brought the CVX price close to $30 in June 2003. The share then resumed its rise, peaking close to $105 in May 2018, at the end of a 250% rise in 15 years. The 2008 crisis then led the value to fall to a low of $55. But the Chevron stock value recovered, following an upward trend, reaching its all-time high of July 2014 at over $135. 

Following this, a new period of turmoil caused the stock to fall to a low of $70 in August 2015, a decline of 50% in 1 year. From August 2015 until January 2018, the Chevron stock price then recovered until it was close to the ATH again without touching it.  

After a period of stability, the coronavirus pandemic then caused the Chevron Texaco stock price to plunge from around $120 in early February to a low near $52 in late March 2020. 

After reaching a 15-year low below $52 in March 2020 at the start of the covid-19 pandemic, the Chevron stock price began an uptrend. Indeed, at the end of 2021, the price of Chevron shares was around $115, having more than doubled in value in a year and a half.  

Chevron Stock Price Splits 

Sometimes a company decides to reduce the unit value of its shares through what is called a stock split, which has no impact on market capitalization. For example, for a stock worth $100, a stock split at a ratio of 2:1 will replace this stock with two new shares worth $50 each.  

As far as the Chevron stock price split is concerned, there have been 6 stock splits in its history. Each time, the Chevron stock split ratio was 2 to 1. The first chevron stock split took place in 1951, while the last one took place in 2004.  

Interestingly, the company tends to do stock splits whenever the CVX stock price exceeds $100. With this price now exceeded, analysts believe another Chevron stock split may be imminent. 

Chevron Stock Price Forecast  

Let’s looks at Chevron stock price forecast by studying the targets of professional analysts.  

  • First, we will note that, out of the 13 professional analysts who regularly share their Chevron stock price target, 9 recommend buying and 4 post a neutral view. 
  • The average Chevron stock price target of these analysts is $130. However, some analysts are more optimistic than others. For example, those at Bank of America have a CVX stock price target of $140. 
  • Finally, it is interesting that even the most pessimistic analyst for Chevron stock price does not anticipate a decline below the key $100 support. 

Where Can I Buy CVX Stock Today?  

To start investing in CVX, all you’ll need to do is register with a reputable brokerage platform. There are many brokers on the market, so it important to choose one which suits you and offers you a regulated and efficient trading platform, such as ZFX. 

ZFX is a regulated broker with a lot of benefits to offer to its clients. In addition to its user-friendliness, ZFX also offers the popular MT4 trading platform, a wide array of financial instruments you can invest in and many trading tools to help you trade confidently. With ZFX, you can start your trading journey in a few easy steps, as we shall now explain. 

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How to Buy Chevron Stock Easily: A Simple Tutorial 

Buying Chevron stock from ZFX is a quick and easy process. Indeed, you can open a ZFX account in just a few minutes by following the next steps. 

1 – Register with ZFX 

First, go to the ZFX homepage and click on “Open an account” button. A registration form will appear. You will need to enter your personal details, as shown in the image below. 

Trade Chevron stock price- Step 1

You’ll also need to verify your phone number, via SMS. Then, choose your account type and accept the general and privacy policies 

Trade with ZFX - basic info Chevron stock price

After completing the form, you will be able to download the MT4 platform immediately. 

MT4 Login to trade Chevron stock price

This is important, because it is through MT4 that you will trade Chevron stocks. Make sure you take note of your MT4 login and password, which ZFX will display as in the image above. 

2 – Make your first deposit 

To deposit money into your ZFX account, you will need to click on “Make a deposit”, on the screen displayed immediately after registration. You will then be asked to choose a payment method. Let’s take Mastercard as an example: 

trade Chevron stock price with ZFX - Step 3

Then, enter the amount you want to deposit and click on “Confirm Deposit” on this screen. You will then need to enter your credit card information before the final validation of the payment. 

3 – Account verification 

The final step before you purchase the Chevron stock is to verify your account. To do this, you will need to submit supporting documents online, as shown below: 

trade Chveron stock price with ZFX - Step 4

4 – Invest in Chevron stock at current price 

Once your documents are validated, you will then be ready to buy Chevron stock. If you haven’t done so already, download MT4 on your device, and then login using your MT4 login and password. Once logged in, you’ll have access to the whole ZFX  

 To Buy or Not to Buy Chevron?  

In the next section, we will look at the main arguments for betting on the Chevron stock price.  

Oil prices are rising  

The price of oil has exploded from historic lows in the face of the covid-19 pandemic in 2020. Yet, most economists expect the price of oil to continue to rise. Experts even anticipate oil to rise above $100 a barrel overtime. Since Chevron is one of the largest oil companies in the world, betting on CVX stock price is a sure way to capitalize on the rising price of black gold. 

Chevron pays a solid dividend  

Chevron is one of the so-called dividend aristocrats, companies that have increased their dividend payments to shareholders for more than 25 consecutive years. Chevron’s dividend is currently a 5% yield. Thus, investing on the Chevron share price is also a wise investment idea for those who are long-term or create an income-oriented portfolio. 

 A Healthy Financial Situation  

Previously, Chevron invested a lot of money to develop long-term projects. But now, the company has entered a cycle of expense reduction, allowing it to have a stronger balance sheet than most of its competitors, while still paying a high dividend. In addition, the long-term investments Chevron made during its last spending cycle have not yet fully paid off. This implies that Chevron’s business can grow significantly in the future, without additional spending. 

Things to Know about the Chevron stock price before you Invest 

Below you will find a series of tips for traders who want to bet on the CVX stock price. 

  • Track oil Prices: One of the main economic factors that can influence the stock price Chevron is, of course, the price of oil. Indeed, since Chevron’s primary business is extracting and selling oil, a rising barrel of oil will be a bullish factor for Chevron stock price and vice versa.  
  • Build a diversified portfolio: Never invest your entire capital in one stock, even when following a specific investment strategy. For example, those who want to buy Chevron stock to take advantage of rising oil prices could diversify their investment by buying shares of smaller oil companies. 
  • Choose a serious broker: It is crucial to choose a regulated and reliable broker, which ideally offers a wide range of assets. Note that ZFX checks these boxes and more. 
  • Follow the development of alternative energies: Although it seems that oil is competing with alternative fuels, the reality is that current technology does not yet allow for a total replacement of fossil fuels by clean energy. However, investors should still follow developments in the alternative energy sector. Significant technological advances in this area could indeed weigh on oil stocks. Likewise, obstacles and failures in research in this sector could support the Chevron stock price. 
  • Practice on a demo account: If your goal is not to buy and hold Chevron stock over the long term but to actively trade the Chevron stock price, you will need to develop a well-defined trading strategy. The best way to do this is to practice  on a demo account, to test different investment operations with virtual capital without any risk of losing money. 

Bottom Line: What Can We Expect from the Chevron Stock Price?

Investing in the Chevron Texaco stock price could be a wise investment idea for several reasons. For one thing, rising oil prices promise a bright future for the CVX stock price. Chevron’s solid dividend payout also makes it an ideal stock to hold for the long term.  In this guide, we’ve also seen that the outlook for Chevron oil stock price is favourable, with analysts posting aggressive Chevron stock price target.  

If you would like to bet on the Chevron stock price, you can do so today through the online broker ZFX, which offers the popular MT4 platform, in addition to many other benefits.

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