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Mastercard Stock Price – MA Price Chart, History, Prediction

December 02, 2021 11:07

Many investors, including the famous Warren Buffett, are betting that the Mastercard stock price will rise. This is because it offers many fundamental advantages. Moreover, several factors point to a rising MA stock price in the medium to long term. This analysis will thus study the Mastercard stock price today, its history and forecast. We will also show you how to start investing in Mastercard stock price.  

Mastercard Stock Price Chart Today

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Mastercard Stock Price History

This section will go into more detail about the Mastercard stock price history since its IPO.

Mastercard stock price historical trends 

A study of the long-term Mastercard stock price history in monthly data clearly shows a strong long-term upward trend. Indeed, the Mastercard stock price has never corrected sufficiently to challenge the underlying uptrend.  

From the year 2010, when the price of Mastercard stock was around $25, through October 2018, when the stock marked a high of $225, Mastercard stock price has posted an 800% increase, or an average of 100% per year.  

After this record high, the stock price for Mastercard posted a correction of about 3 months that brought it below the $180 mark. Mastercard stock price then quickly resumed its rise to mark a high near $350 in February 2020, an increase of over 94% in a year. The coronavirus pandemic then weighed heavily on MA stock price, as it did for most global stocks. In under 2 months, Mastercard stock price had fallen back to the $200 mark, a 42% decline.  

Mastercard stock price then proved its resilience once again, rebounding quickly to reverse the losses it had incurred in the face of the pandemic. Since then, Mastercard stock price has continued to set new records regularly. Mastercard stock price set the most recent all-time high in April 2021 at over $400.  

Mastercard stock split price 

Sometimes companies want to reduce the unit value of their shares, without changing their capitalization. In this case, companies must perform a stock split, which consists of dividing the price of the shares by two, three, or more. 

In the case of Mastercard, investors should note that the stock has only undergone one stock split, in January 2014. The ratio was 10 to 1. This means that if the Mastercard stock price before split for 1 share was 10$, it was 1$ per share after the split. It also means that each shareholder holding one share before the split received 10 shares following the split. 

To date, no information suggests that the company plans another Mastercard stock split price. 

Mastercard Stock Price Forecast 

The section will look at the MA predictions and Mastercard stock price target from professional banking analysts.  

  • First, we will note that there are currently 11 analysts who regularly share their price targets for Mastercard stock. Investors will be reassured to know that all 11 analysts recommend buying Mastercard stock. 
  • Mastercard stock price target average stands at approximately $443, which implies a potential upside of nearly 32% from Mastercard stock price today.  
  • Finally, note that the range of analyst Mastercard stock price forecast is $412 to $482. This highest $482 target implies a potential upside of nearly 44%. 

Where Can Buy MA Stock at Today’s Price? 

The easiest place to buy Mastercard stock is an online trading broker. You need to make sure you select an intermediary which will suit your needs, while also providing you a safe and regulated environment in which to trade. The broker ZFX for example fulfils these 2 crucial criteria, and offers many other benefits. 

ZFX provides the highly popular MT4 trading platform, which is the most widely used globally thanks to its many advantages. ZFX also allows you to trade stocks, indices, forex and commodities at competitive fees, which means you can easily diversify your portfolio. Other benefits include a free demo account, a wide range of tools and educational resources and a high level of regulation. 

How to Buy Mastercard Stock Easily 

Trading Mastercard stock via ZFX is a quick and easy process. In fact, you will be able to open an online account in just a few minutes by following these following steps.

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1 – Register with ZFX 

First, head to the ZFX website homepage and click on “Open an account”. A registration form will appear. You will need to enter several personal details, as shown in the image below. 

Trade Mastercard stock price- Step 1

It will also be necessary to verify your phone number via SMS. You will then have to choose your account type, and accept the general and privacy policies. 

Trade with ZFX - basic info Mastercard stock price

After completing and validating the form, the following screen will appear, inviting you to download Zeal MT4.

MT4 Login to trade Mastercard stock price

You will need to install MT4 on your preferred device, and take note of the login and password information provided on the screen. You will need these later, to trade Mastercard shares.

2 – Make your first deposit 

You now need to fund your account. To deposit money into your ZFX account, you will need to click the “make a deposit” button on the screen displayed immediately after registration. You will then be asked to choose a payment method. Let’s take Mastercard as an example:

trade MA Mastercard stock price with ZFX - Step 3

You will be asked to enter the amount to be deposited and then click the “Confirm Deposit” button on this screen. You will then need to enter your credit card information before the final validation of the payment.

3 – Account verification

The final step before you can purchase the Mastercard stock is to verify your account. To do this, you will need to submit supporting documents online, as shown below:

trade Mastercard stock price with ZFX - Step 4

4– Invest in Mastercard stock at current price 

Once your documents are validated, you will then be ready to buy Mastercard stock. To get started, install MT4 and login using your username and password from step 1. Once you access the platform, you will be able to select MA stock and invest as you wish.

To Buy or Not to Buy Mastercard Stock 

In this section, we will develop several technical and fundamental arguments to suggest that the Mastercard stock price will rise in the short, medium, and long term. 

MA is one of Warren Buffett’s favorite stocks  

Mastercard stock is one of legendary investor Warren Buffett’s longtime holdings. Many professional and individual investors closely follow the investment decisions of the so-called Oracle of Omaha. As a result, being an asset in Warren Buffett’s portfolio ensures that Mastercard stock gets attention from many investors, regardless of the market environment.

A great way to take advantage of the widespread shift to online shopping  

Along with Visa, Mastercard is one of the world’s two leading credit card companies. And while electronic payments are growing, credit cards are still the most widely used payment method for online purchases. This is good news for Mastercard, as all economic studies point to increased Internet purchases over the next few years. This makes Mastercard stock a solid bet to take advantage of the overall growth of the e-commerce market, without having to choose a stock directly involved in this volatile sector.

High-potential investments related to the cryptocurrency industry  

Well aware that crypto-currencies could compete with it, Mastercard has not been idle and has already made moves towards the crypto-currency industry. The latest information on this subject concerns a partnership with Bakkt, so that MasterCard can offer its customers services such as cryptocurrency storage or crypto bank cards.

The current Mastercard share price looks ideal for a buy  

As discussed earlier, the long-term trend in Mastercard stock price is very bullish. However, since its all-time high above $400 in April, Mastercard Inc stock price has corrected significantly. The good news is that several technical signals suggest that this correction is probably over. So, after this recovery, Mastercard stock price today could be ideal for a buy.

Things to Know about the Mastercard stock price before you Invest

This section will provide you with tips to get started investing in the Mastercard stock price in the best possible way.

Follow the news about the online trading industry  

As we’ve explained earlier, the future growth of the stock price of Mastercard could largely depend on the development of the online commerce industry. Indeed, credit cards remain the preferred method of payment when consumers shop online. Mastercard’s revenues depend on commissions on the volume of payments made with its cards. Therefore, as the online commerce industry grows, Mastercard’s revenues and stock price are likely to increase. 

Learn Technical Analysis  

In this guide, we have outlined several arguments for holding Mastercard stock over the long term. But MA is also an excellent stock for traders wanting to take advantage of its short-term fluctuations. If this is your case, note that the factors that short-term traders need to consider are different from the factors to consider for long-term analysis. Indeed, if you want to trade the Mastercard stock price in the short term actively, you need to learn the basics of technical analysis to find trading signals, determine entry points, and choose targets. 

Choose a serious broker  

Since online brokers provide you with the trading platform you will use daily and keep the capital you invest, it is essential to choose a reliable broker. In particular, you should check that your broker is regulated. Also check that it offers a user-friendly platform, and that its fees are reasonable. In this regard, ZFX checks all these boxes and many others. 

Don’t forget diversification  

Finally, although this stock has many advantages, and the odds seem to be in favour of a rise in MA stock price, you should never put all your eggs in one basket. In other words, we don’t recommend putting all your capital into Mastercard stock. Rather, diversify your investments over several stocks, to avoid a mishap in one of them having too severe consequences for your global portfolio.

Bottom Line: What Can We Expect from Mastercard Stock Price?

In conclusion, Mastercard stock has many advantages. Firstly, fundamental and technical factors point to an increase in the Mastercard inc stock price. Then, professional bank analysts unanimously recommend buying MasterCard stock, and post targets that imply a very solid bullish potential. Finally, from a timing standpoint, a recent correction in Mastercard stock price currently offers investors an ideal buying opportunity.

After reading this analysis, if you think Mastercard stock might be a good addition to your portfolio, or if you want to trade it and take advantage of its volatility actively, you can use ZFX to trade it today. This is a reliable intermediary for betting on the Mastercard stock price for all the reasons we’ve outlined in this guide. It is indeed a regulated broker, which offers its clients the famous MT4 platform. It also provides many financial assets at competitive fees.

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