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JD.com Stock Price – JD Price Today, History, Prediction

December 02, 2021 13:27

JD.com has started to challenge the position of Alibaba in China’s market, and is now one of its major competitors. As such, the JD.com stock price has been on the rise since its IPO, its value having quadrupled since. This guide will analyse the JD share price in detail, from its history to forecasts. We will also show you how to invest in JD in just a few steps. 

JD.com Stock Price Chart Today

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Overview of JD.com Stock Price

The JD stock price today depends on the stock exchange you consider, because the company is listed both on the NASDAQ and Hong Kong Stock Exchange. JD com stock price Hong Kong is quoted per share, while the JD.com price on NASDAQ operates with American Depositary Shares (ADS). For reference, ADS are non-US companies shares, denominated in USD and which are made available on a US stock exchange. 

JD stock price exhibits fluctuations and continues to form short trendy movements, while generally moving in the overall trend direction. The price retracements sometimes last for a couple of weeks during this period, JD stock value may move up or down by more than 10%, and in some instances, it fluctuates more than 20%. 

Price gaps appear regularly in the JD stock price, and they are more frequent around anticipated news or events that could affect the company shares. The company stock movements commonly register price gaps of up to 5%.  

JD.com Stock Price History 

JD stock price history shows that it regularly goes through the price cycle of starting at a bottom price, reaching peak price and reversing towards the bottom. A defined price cycle movement might be attractive for investors because it means that multiple trading opportunities could appear.  

JD.com Stock Price Historical Trends 

After its IPO in the USA, the company has attracted the attention of reputable companies like Walmart, Tencent, and Alphabets and large institutional investors. 

JD Stock Price until 2018

JD.com stock price moves in a manner applicable to different investment strategies and types of traders. The company shares started trading at a price of $19, and its price recorded a multifold growth while it also plunged close to the initial sale price on a few occasions. JD stock price history shows that it switched between a short sideways movement and a trendy movement.  

JD stock price went through multiple price declines of 30% or more during its relatively short trading history, with downward trends lasting for a couple of months.  The first major depreciation occurred in the second half of 2014 after JD shares reached a peak price at approximately $32 and declined to $22 by the end of 2014. The next major downtrend was formed from June to September 2015, when the price fell from nearly $37 to $22, translating into 40% depreciation.  

JD com stock price also displays multiple short term trendy movements while there are two significant upward trends when the price achieved significant growth. From June 2016 until August 2017, JD stock value rose by about 140%.

JD Stock Price – 2018 to Today

The most significant growth occurred from November 2018 to February 2021, when JD stock price increased by 450% from around $19 to $106. The company shares hit an All-Time-Low price of $19.2 in November 2018 while achieving an All-Time-High price of above $106 in February 2021. 

The stock lost more than half of its value in 2018 as a result of a low growth rate and an increase in operating expenses. Also, the same year JD.com CEO Richard Liu faced a rape allegation that negatively affected the company value. Nevertheless, JD stock made a major come back after positive revenue growth, stable profit levels, and when rape charges were dropped. 

Other important factors and events that caused changes in JD com price in the past are a spin-off of JD Logistics, the introduction of a series of new rules against unfair competition, regulations aimed at technology stocks, trade wars between the US and China, and other factors from the external environment. 

JD.com Stock Price Splits  

JD.com (JD) is considered to be the largest direct retailer in China and the second largest e-commerce company right after Alibaba based on transaction volume. The company shares were listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange in May 2014, with its price quoted in USD. The company’s shares became available for trading on Hong Kong Stock Exchange in June 2020, and the JD stock price HK means that it is quoted in Hong Kong dollars. There is no stock split history for the JD shares since it was first available for trading. 

JD.com Stock Price Prediction  

Investors’ interest in China’s stock market comes from their desire to benefit from astonishing growth in China’s emerging economy. Hence, it comes as no surprise that there is plenty of coverage for the stock of big Chinese companies. The integration of JD.com in the Chinese economy and its growth rate places the company on the radar of many experts and analysts. Consequently, investors can easily find information about JD stock price target or opinions on whether the company is a good investment or not. 

The opinion of more than 100 analysts, published on or by reputable journals and portals, is that JD stock is a buy, and they considered it a solid investment opportunity. The opinion of 8 experts is that the future movements in JD com stock price could outperform the performance of other stocks, which is why the company shares are ranked as overweight. 

Although there is a consensus among experts and analysts about the future movement in the company’s value, there are certain differences regarding JD stock target price.  Based on experts’ opinion, the average target price for JD shares sits between $96.2 and $100. Noteworthy mentioning is that the 1-year target price quoted on the NASDAQ website is $95. Discrepancies are also found in the high JD stock price forecast, and the expectations are that this stock might achieve a price between $123 and $133. The low values are forecasted within the interval of $62 and $78.2. 

The JD stock price prediction means that the stock might generate a return of at least 20% if the minimum anticipated target price is achieved.  It could be noted that the JD stock price prediction for 2025 shows potential for this stock to grow to more than $200 (£145.45) within the next couple of years. 

Where Can I Buy JD Stock? 

Investors should open a trading account with ZFX to buy JD.com stock and take advantage of possible upward movements in shares price. ZFX is the preferred broker because it offers better trading terms than other brokers, especially traditional stock brokers that define different trading limitations. For instance, ZFX has set a low initial deposit requirement of only $50, enabling capital constrained traders to buy JD.com shares.  

Moreover, ZFX gives traders substantial leverage, which helps them to open larger positions and, at the same time, increase their potential profits, something which is not available when buying the stocks directly. And recognizing that not all investors have the same trading background and experience, ZFX offers many trading tools to its clients, and the investing process is performed on a simple and easy to use trading platform. 

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Investing in JD.com Stock: Tutorial  

Let’s go through the steps to buying JD.com stock on the ZFX MT4 platform. 

  1. Register with ZFX

The ZFX registration process is straightforward, and starts when you visit the website and select “Open an account” at the top (or “Open a Live Trading Account” in the accounts section). This will open a new window, where you need to fill in your details, as shown in the next image. 

Trade Baidu stock price- Step 1

The, press “Next” after you provide the required information. 

Trade with ZFX - basic info Baidu stock price

  1. Make your first deposit

To fund your account, log into you trading profile, go to the “Deposit” section and follow the steps based on your preferred funding method. ZFX gives traders the option to deposit money through Bank transfers or Credit Cards. 

trade Baidu stock price with ZFX - Step 3

  1. Account verification  

You will also need to verify your account. To do so, ZFX will ask you to provide a scanned copy from an accepted identification document: passport, national ID or driver’s license. You’ll also need to verify your bank account, with a copy of the bank statement or a page from your bank book. 

trade Baidu stock price with ZFX - Step 4

  1. Invest in JD stock at its current price 

Trading JD.com stock through ZFX occurs on an easy-to-use MT4 trading platform. Simply start by downloading your preferred version of the ZFX MT4 platform. 

You can now buy JD.com CFDs by logging in to your MT4 trading account. Select your desired account from the accounts section and enter your details.  

In the market watch column, double click the symbol JD. A window with a graph will emerge to the right. The graph shows JD.com stock price today. Then, provide these details: trading volume, type of order, stop-loss and take profit, if any. Click on the buy button to complete the order. 

Should You Buy JD.com Stock Today?   

JD.com stock is an attractive investment opportunity because of potential profits it could bring to investors, but it also represents a solid investment for other reasons. 

Indeed, renowned investors have bought shares from JD.com, and large companies support JD.com. Its list of investors include well-known companies such as Tencent, Walmart, Alphabet, etc. Cooperating with such companies opened an opportunity for synergy for JD. Consequently, JD.com has an opportunity to strengthen its position against its major competitors, like Alibaba. 

JD’s swift growth originates partly from improved living standards and high internet penetration rates across China. As such, the company experienced a compound annual growth rate in its revenue of more than 36% until 2020. Meanwhile, its net income increased by nearly four times. And analysts anticipate that the company revenue might grow by more than 20% per year, due to company efforts to attract new customers from rural areas and the expansion of the company’s operations and offerings.  

What’s more, JD.com has gained tens of millions of users in a short period, which could be an indicator of its strategy’s success. The company announced it will dedicate resources for creating long term strategies, growing the skills of employees and participating in the development of rural areas. All this is likely to favourably affect the price of JD stock. 

All in all, JD’s well-defined strategy and a focus on its growth objective has enabled the company to already bring significant gains to its stakeholders. Accordingly, its expansionary vision backed by a solid strategy means that JD.com stock could be a good investment opportunity. 

Things to Know About JD.com Stock Price Before You Invest

Here are a few useful things to keep in mind when trading JD.com stocks. 

  • Because of China’s dynamic economy and the market in which JD operates, investors should not base their trading decision only on past price movements. Although past performance can provide trading signals, it doesn’t consider any qualitative aspects that affect price movements. Hence, traders should monitor any news, events and announcements that could cause a change in JD.com stock price. 
  • Traders might want to get familiar with the JD.com trading sessions and the after hours trading for JD stock. The JD after hours stock price may fluctuate based on news and events that are announced or have occurred outside of the regular trading sessions.  
  • Chinese authorities can implement laws and regulations, or amend existing ones, to regulated individual industries. Such regulations have had impacts on these industries and the overall stock market. Therefore, investors need to pay attention to any changes in regulations in China, as these could affect JD.com stock price. 

Bottom Line: What Can We Expect from the JD Stock Price? 

Although it is a relatively newcomer on the stock exchange, we can label JD.com a solid investment. Why? Because multiple factors contribute to its growth and growth in JD.com stock price. Also, analyst forecasts show that the stock has the potential to keep appreciating. Relevant factors that might positively affect the company value and make it a good buy are: 

  • Partnerships with reputable companies with a large customers’ base 
  •  Utilization of partners technology and customer base to attract new customers 
  • Expanding of business activities and offering in rural areas through a strategic move of supporting the development of low-tier cities and areas in China 
  • Large institutions and companies already own ID.com share 
  • JD stock price fluctuations mean that traders can generate profits with the right strategy. 

If you feel ready to invest in JD stock, you can do so today by signing up to ZFX. This broker offers many benefits to its clients. Also, it will allow you to start trading shares from JD and many other promising companies, in just a few simple steps.

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