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Amazon Stock Price – AMZN Price Chart, History, Prediction

December 03, 2021 12:27

Amazon stock is undoubtedly one of the most popular investments globally, if only because it is one of the 5 largest companies in the world in terms of capitalization. In this analysis, we’ll take a detailed look at the Amazon stock price, also covering Amazon stock price history and price forecast. Finally, we will provide a detailed tutorial on how to buy AMZN stock easily.

Amazon Stock Price Chart Today

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Amazon Stock Price History

This section will go into more detail about the historical evolution of the AMZN stock price.

Amazon stock price Historical Trends

The Amazon stock price history chart shows an impressive evolution of share price, especially in the last few years. In particular, we spot a powerful upward phase between 2015, when the stock was worth about $350, and the September 2018 peak at $2050.

During this period, Amazon stock thus rose 485% in 3.5 years. Then, from September 2018 to March 2020, Amazon’s share price followed an uncertain trend within a broad chart triangle, which concluded with a recovery in the face of the covid-19 pandemic. Indeed, Amazon’s share price was around $2,000 just before the start of the pandemic and then exploded to an all-time high of $3,773 in July 2021 – an increase of almost 90% in just over a year.

Finally, we note that the current Amazon stock price seems to be concluding a bullish phase in the short term, implying that new records in the coming months could be expected.

Amazon Stock Price Split

The first thing to know about Amazon stock splits is that the stock has not had a split in over 20 years. However, Amazon stock was a regular of splits in its early years, with 3 major splits:

  • 2 for 1 in June 1998
  • 3 to 1 in January 1999
  • 2 for 1 in September 1999.

These successive splits at the beginning of the Amazon stock price history occurred because the AMZN price rose very quickly in the context of the internet bubble. At the time, few brokers were offering split shares. And the more expensive a share was, the less accessible it was.

This is no longer the case today, knowing that all brokers allow you to invest the amount you want on each share, as in the case of ZFX. Nevertheless, the high Amazon stock price per unit has led several analysts to believe that a new Amazon stock split could be imminent, but the company has not confirmed this.

Amazon Stock Price Prediction 

When it comes to Amazon stock price predictions, the first thing to know about Amazon stock is that it is one of the most followed stocks by analysts. In fact, no less than 32 analysts follow the stock and regularly share their Amazon stock price forecast.

It will reassure investors interested in Amazon stock to know that all 32 analysts recommend buying Amazon stock. Not only are the analysts unanimous in their recommendation to buy the stock, but they also have particularly ambitious Amazon stock price target. Indeed, the average analyst target for Amazon stock is $4,200, or more than 23% above current prices.

However, some analysts are more optimistic than others in their Amazon stock price prediction. For example, Susquehanna’s Shyam Patil expects Amazon’s stock price to rise to $5,000, which corresponds to a potential upside of nearly 50%. Stephen Ju, from Credit Suisse, has a slightly lower AMZN stock price target of 4700 dollars, which corresponds to a potential gain of 38%.

Note that these Amazon stock price predictions are valid for a 12-month horizon. In the longer term, analysts do not generally provide official forecasts. However, some research on the internet has allowed us to gather the following long-term predictions:

  • 10,000 dollars by 2025 according to Sean Williams, The Motley Fool
  • 4000 dollars in 2026 and 4500 dollars in 2031, Logan Kane, Seeking Alpha
  • 5000 dollars in 2025 and 10000 dollars in 2028, Jana Kane, LiteForex

Where Can I Buy AMZN Stock Today?

In order to trade Amazon stock, you need to choose a regulated and efficient broker, and ZFX is one of them. Indeed, ZFX is a highly secure online broker which offer an array of benefits. For example, it provides the popular MT4 trading platform, competitive fees, a free demo account, many educational tools.. Finally, it is worth noting that ZFX offers a wide range of stocks, indices, forex and commodities.

How Trade Amazon Stock? An Easy Tutorial

Buying Amazon stock via ZFX is a quick and easy process, as we shall explain in this tutorial.

en stock trading and price

1 – Register with ZFX

You will need to go to the ZFX homepage and click on  “Open an account” for this first step. A registration form appears. Simply enter your personal details, as shown in the image below.

Trade Walmart - Step 1

It will also be necessary to verify your phone number via SMS. You will then have to choose your account type, and accept the general and privacy policies.

Trade with ZFX - basic info

After completing and validating the form, you will be able to download the MT4 platform immediately. You will indeed need to have MT4 on your device in order to trade AMZN stock.

MT4 Login to trade Amazon stock price

2 – Make your first deposit

To deposit money into your ZFX account, you will need to select “Make a deposit”. You’ll find it on the screen displayed immediately after registration. Then, choose a payment method: credit card or bank transfer.

trade Facebook stock with ZFX - Step 3

You will be asked to enter the amount to be deposited. Then, click the “Confirm Deposit” button on this screen. You will then need to enter your credit card information before the final validation of the payment.

3 – Account verification

The final step before you can purchase the Amazon stock is to verify your account. To do this, you will need to submit supporting documents online, as shown below:

trade Facebook shares with ZFX - Step 4

4 – Invest in Amazon stock at current price

Once your documents are validated, you will then be ready to buy Amazon stock. To do so, login to your MT4 account using the details provided to you in the first step. Then, you’ll be able to find AMZN stock in your dashboard and invest at the current Amazon share price.

To Buy or Not to Buy Amazon Stock? 

Here are several characteristics of the company and AMZN stock, to help you determine whether or not you should buy Amazon stock today.

Not just the biggest online retailer in the world

Investors should be aware that, while Amazon is best known to the general public as the world’s largest Internet retailer, its business goes far beyond online shopping.  Indeed, Amazon is the world leader in cloud computing services, a particularly profitable activity. Indeed, it represents only 13% of Amazon’s turnover but more than 50% of its profits.

Finally, it is worth noting that the growth prospects for this cloud computing business are much greater than the prospects for the online commerce business, which is now mature.

A significant player in Internet advertising

In addition to cloud computing, Amazon has made the most of its online business through the advertising that runs on its main site. Thus, Amazon is the third-largest player in Internet advertising, second only to Google and Facebook. Amazon’s activities are therefore highly diversified, which reduces the risk profile of its stock and stock price.

Amazon stock price currently seems ideal for buying

Finally, regarding Amazon stock price today per share, it seems ideal to buy. Indeed, the price of Amazon stock posted a bullish rally from the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020 and continued to rise until it reached an all-time high of $3773 in July 2021.

Now, since that record high, Amazon stock appears to be pausing. This has in no way challenged the underlying positive bias. Thus, the current pause in Amazon stock seems to offer investors an ideal opportunity to buy ahead of the next big bullish rally.

Things to Know About the Amazon Stock Price Before You Invest

Here are several tips to help you invest in Amazon stock in the best possible conditions:

  • Follow the Amazon stock regularly with a real-time news feed.
  • Although the long-term trend in the stock price of Amazon has been generally upward, remember that past performance is no guarantee of future performance.
  • Choose your broker carefully. ZFX, for example, is an optimal broker to trade AMZN, for the reasons we have mentioned earlier in this guide.
  • If your goal is to actively trade AMZN stock price to benefit from its volatility, make sure to practice on a demo account to refine your strategy before moving on to real trading.
  • Amazon stock is suitable for short-term traders due to its volatility and long-term investors due to its positive fundamental outlook and the bullish direction of the Amazon stock price history chart.

Bottom Line: What Can We Expect from AMZN Stock Price?

Amazon stock price today seems to be ideal for a buy. Indeed, Amazon’s business is very diversified and the company is a global leader in of its activities. Moreover, the Amazon stock price outlooks look favourable. Indeed, all professional analysts who follow Amazon shares recommend buying it, with very ambitious targets. This confirms the share’s bullish potential. Finally, in the context of a pause, Amazon stock price currently seems ideal for immediate purchase.

If you would like to boost your portfolio’s performance by including Amazon stock, you can trade AMZN today via ZFX. In addition to offering the efficient MT4 platform, ZFX offers competitive fees, high regulation and many other benefits.

en stock trading and price

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