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NFT Artists Can Earn Millions, Here's the Proof

NFT Artists Can Earn Millions, Here’s the Proof

14-01-2022 06:55

Non-fungible Token (NFT) Digital Assets Have Become a New Object of Conversation in Today’s World Community.

Some artists earn millions of dollars from their sales, here’s the following list of them:

1. The Merge (US$91,8 Million)

Before 2021 ends, artist Pak’s “The Merge” was for sale through the Nifty Gallery. The price was quite fantastic, about $91.8M, quoted by Business Insider.

Interestingly, this work does not belong to one person. It was fractionated and balanced across 28,983 merchants and yielded 300 thousand pieces of fractionated NFTs per person.

2. Beeple – First 5000 days (US$69.3 Million)

Artist Beeple managed to sell one of the books that sold “The First 5000 Days” at Christie’s auction house. The price was even more fantastic, almost touching $69.3M.

This work is reported to represent the work of Beeple’s lifetime. He created a new digital image every day for 5,000 consecutive days from 2007 to January 2021. After many offers, NFT was finally owned by Vignesh Sundaresan or MetaKovan.

3. Beeple – Human One (US$28.9 million)

Beeple also has one other item for sale on NFT for a fantastic price. Sold at Christie’s, this work sold for $28.9B last November.

This work is the artist’s first attempt at ‘physical’ NFT. This work features an astronaut forever walking through a nebulous world and able to change visuals with time.

4. CryptoPunk 4156 (US$10.2 million)

This sale is a major revival for CryptoPunk after the collection returned in 2021 to that hype. This work is sold at a price of 2,500 ETH or $10.2M.

Punk 4156 is one of the most famous Punk works ever. This result represents the highest sale in dollar value on the open market and not auction.

5. CryptoPunk 3100 (US$7.67 million)

Prior to Punk 4156, this piece was at the top. The Punk 3100 sells for 4,200 ETH or around $7.97B. Alien Punk is one of the rarest punks ever. In addition, there is little information about job buyers.

ETHEREUM – Technical Analysis

NFT Artists Can Earn Millions, Here's the Proof
Graph taken from TradingView.

ETH is a cryptocurrency to buy and sell NFTs in OpenSea marketplace. ETH bounced from the support area at $2930. $3000 is still at a very strong support for Ethereum now.


NFTs and Ethereum will be massively changing and disrupting technology today. Both NFTs and Ethereum as currencies is still underrated and could grow more.

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