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China Finds NeoCov, More Deadly Than Delta?

31-01-2022 09:38

Yet Another New Variant of the Coronavirus has been Discovered

The new variant is named NeoCoV and was first discovered from a research report designed by Chinese scientists

NeoCoV has become a new threat, how deadly is this compared to another variant?

The reason is that the world is still affected by the Covid19 pandemic where the virus continues to grow. Recently, there has been the more contagious Omicron variant, as well as the deadlier Delta variant.

The report states that NeoCoV is actually not a new variant of the coronavirus that has caused a global pandemic. Instead, the virus comes from another strain of coronavirus related to Middle East respiratory syndrome (MersCoV). MersCoV is a virus transmitted to humans by infected dromedaries (Arabian camels).

This virus is zoonotic, meaning it is transmitted between animals and humans and can be transmitted through direct or indirect contact with animals.

“MersCoV has been identified in camels in several countries in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia,” the World Health Organization said, quoted by the UK-based International Media Independent on Sunday (01/30/2022).

NeoCoV is a relative of MersCoV

“In total, 27 countries have reported cases since 2012, resulting in 858 known deaths from infections and related complications.”

The WHO says 35% of patients infected with MersCovid have died, although it’s also possible that there are congenital cases that existing surveillance systems may have missed.

Well, NeoCoV is a relative of MersCoV and circulates in bats. In research published this week, Wuhan-based scientists have warned that NeoCoV could cause problems if transmitted from bats to humans.

This particular coronavirus does not appear to be neutralized by human antibodies trained to attack SARSCoV2, the virus that causes Covid19 or MersCov.Although this virus shows that there is a potential risk of NeoCoV infecting humans, there is still no evidence or indication of how contagious or deadly it is.

“We need to see more data confirming human infection and its associated severity before we become concerned,” Professor Lawrence Young, a virologist at the University of Warwick, told The Independent.

“The preprint [of the study] shows that infecting human cells with NeoCoV is highly ineffective.

“What this underscores, however, is the need to be vigilant about the spread of coronavirus infection from animals (particularly bats) to humans.

“These are important lessons to be learned that require better integration of human and animal infectious disease research.”

CHINA 50 – Technical Analysis

China Finds NeoCov, More Deadly Than Delta?
Graph taken from TradingView.

CHINA 50 is still in a bearish trend. Currently, CHINA 50 rejected a strong support area at $14570. If CHINA 50 closed bearish below this support area, then it can go down to its next support at $12680.


At this point, a new COVID variant will continue to mutate and create a new COVID variant. As long as China can’t stop this virus to mutate, this virus will slow down China’s economy. Fundamentally and technically CHINA 50 is still bearish until China manages to stop this virus.

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