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Which Country Got $200M from a Dispute with China?

Which Country Got $200M from a Dispute with China?

06-01-2022 04:55

The dispute with China Apparently Brought An Investment of US$ 200 Million to Lithuania

How did Lithuania Get It?

The country will get the funds from Taiwan.

Taiwan itself has problems with China. Beijing considers Taipei part of its province while the island holds the opposite view.

“Taiwan is preparing an initial investment of US$ 200 million for the Lithuanian industry which is strategic for both Lithuania and Taiwan,” said Eric Huang, head of the Taiwan Representative Office in Lithuania, quoted by AFP, Thursday (6/1/2022).

He said the funds would be invested in semiconductors, lasers, biotechnology, and similar Lithuanian industries. Funds will begin to be distributed this year.

Previously the Baltic country allowed Taiwan to open a de facto embassy in the country. This prompted Chinese retaliation, in the form of export blockages and other economic restrictions.

Not Only Taiwan But Also the United States (US)

Support to Lithuania was also provided by the United States (US) and Germany. Uncle Sam promised cooperation in overcoming China’s “coercive diplomatic and economic behavior”.

“This is not just about Lithuania, but about how every country in the world should be able to determine its own foreign policy free from this kind of coercion,” US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said at a joint news conference.

“And America will work with our allies and partners, including Germany, to counter this kind of intimidation from China by strengthening our economic resilience, diversifying our supply chains, and countering all forms of economic blackmail.”

CHINA A50 Technical Analysis

Which Country Got $200M from a Dispute with China?
Graph taken from TradingView

In the last two days, CHINA A50 has been bearish. As the above graph, we can see A50 breaking the support trendline with a target of 15088.11.


With current fundamental news and technical analysis, CHINA A50 can still going south towards the next support. If it closes below $15273, A50 can go down further to $15000.

For now, $15000 will maintain A50 as a psychological support area.

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