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Market News

Market News | News for Forex, Commodities and Indices | ZFX
Millennials Want to be Paid In Crypto
ZFX  - Crypto adoption has become more widespread as more Millennials choose to earn their salaries in cryptocurrencies. Athletes and politicians once made headlines because they chose to get paid in crypto earlier this year. Offers of crypto-based salaries are put up in the air to attract millennials to work. A recent CNBC article highlighted two distinct cases where young talent was being paid for in crypto. University student Stephen Gerrits and artist Tiyanna Brown decided to receive
22-12-2021 09:50
Market News | News for Forex, Commodities and Indices | ZFX
Interest Skyrockets as Metaversity Launches
ZFX - As well as being touted as the future of workplace encounters by Microsoft's Bill Gates, the metaverse could also be the future of learning. VictoryXR, a virtual reality and augmented reality education solutions company, has partnered with Meta Platforms Inc. to launch 10 metaverse university campuses, or metaversities, across the US by 2022. The Iowa-based company is working under its recently launched “Immersive Learning” platform Meta to launch a VR campus suitable for distance
21-12-2021 08:58
Market News | News for Forex, Commodities and Indices | ZFX
As Spider-Man Succeeds, How Fare Disney Stocks?
ZFX - Over $235 million collected in US and Canadian ticket sales over the weekend premier of the new Spider-Man movie, "Spider-Man: No Way Home". This set a record for pandemic-time releases and the new movie ranks as Hollywood's third-largest domestic debut, amidst emergence of the new COVID-19 variant. Worldwide, "No Way Home" earned an additional $334.2 million, bringing the total for the weekend to $587.2 million, according to estimates from distributor Sony Corp. Fans around the world
20-12-2021 09:20
Market News | News for Forex, Commodities and Indices | ZFX
BoE Becomes First in Interest Rate Increment
ZFX  - The Bank of England leads the charge as the first major central bank to increase interest rates post COVID-19 pandemic with stern warnings that inflation will triple the increment, hitting 6% by April next year. Coming to a surprise to investors the second time in 2 months, the BoE claims that the decision is a given as it's expecting the Omicron variant to influence inflationary pressures. A vote of 8-1 from the nine members of the Monetary Policy Committee resulted into raising
17-12-2021 10:04
Market News | News for Forex, Commodities and Indices | ZFX
Fed Tackling Inflation by Raising Interests Three-Fold
ZFX - In tackling a spike in inflation, the Federal Reserve will be ending the pandemic-era bond purchasing in March to pave a way for a 3-quarter percentage point interest rate increase by the end of 2022. "There is no more need for increasing amounts of policy support for the economy," said Fed Chari Jerome Powell during a news conference as he compared conditions at the start of the pandemic and now, that included rises in prices and wages. "Yes, the inflation's skyrocketing," he said
16-12-2021 10:10
Market News | News for Forex, Commodities and Indices | ZFX
Gold Plunges Deep Ahead of Fed’s Meeting
ZFX - Gold is starting to be weighed down by the most important Fed meeting of the year, as the US' most active gold futures contract, February, was settled last Tuesday with a decline to $16 or 1% as it settles at $1,772.30 an ounce. In the last two weeks, the drop was the biggest-in-a-day, percentage-wise. Tuesday kicked off the Federal's Reserve's monthly two-day meeting with Chairman Jerome Powell to give a brief on Wednesday concerning decisions taken by the Federal Open Market
15-12-2021 09:31
Market News | News for Forex, Commodities and Indices | ZFX
BOJ Offering Big Funds to Counter Interest Rate Hikes
ZFX - The Bank of Japan offered bond purchases in a bid to counter the increasing interest rates in the short-term worth $97 billion. On Tuesday, making two offers, the central bank plans to buy 7 trillion yen in funds injection and bonds of 2 trillion yen for the December 15-16 period. Both of these offerings are within an bond sell agreement. The central bank would have a combined 11 trillion yen in injections for the first operation carried out in nearly two years of a total of 11
14-12-2021 09:38
Market News | News for Forex, Commodities and Indices | ZFX
FX Fundamentals: 5 Central Bank Decisions to Be Released
ZFX  - It's looking very busy in the economic calendar for today. Just for this week, we will be having FIVE decisions made by central banks and a few top-level reports. So what can analysts expect from this catalyst? Major Economic Events: China's Data Dump (15 December, 9:00 AM GMT+7) – China will be releasing number of major economic reports in the middle of the week and all of them might have big impacts on risk sentiments. Retail sales in the month of November is expected to
13-12-2021 09:53
Market News | News for Forex, Commodities and Indices | ZFX
US Dollar in the Spotlight as Central Banks Head into a Busy Week
ZFX - After a solid week with central bank meetings, the US dollar climbed higher and higher. The meetings included the one that was held at the Federal Reserve which are expected to increase currency markets' performece and boost the dollar upwards, despite creeping worries of the new COVID-19 variant. The pound lost 0.16% to $1.3257 after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Sunday that Britain was facing a "tidal wave" of the Omicron coronavirus variant and that the double vaccine
13-12-2021 09:48
Market News | News for Forex, Commodities and Indices | ZFX
Investors Preparing for ATH Inflation in 40 Years
ZFX - If consensus is correct, the last time inflation was this high was in the early years of the Reagan administration – when the US was in the midst of a steep and persistent recession. The Labor Department on Friday morning will release an index that measures the cost of dozens of items via the November consumer price index . The index covers general items including gasoline and ground beef, but extends to more detailed purchases such as frozen vegetables, indoor plants and flowers,
10-12-2021 10:30