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Millennials Want to be Paid In Crypto

22-12-2021 09:50

ZFX  – Crypto adoption has become more widespread as more Millennials choose to earn their salaries in cryptocurrencies. Athletes and politicians once made headlines because they chose to get paid in crypto earlier this year. Offers of crypto-based salaries are put up in the air to attract millennials to work.

A recent CNBC article highlighted two distinct cases where young talent was being paid for in crypto. University student Stephen Gerrits and artist Tiyanna Brown decided to receive their payments in cryptocurrencies. Gerrits works part-time at a tech startup, while Brown sells digital art in exchange for Ether (ETH).

According to Gerrits, he is earning more than what he would have made in cash due to changes in crypto prices. However, it doesn’t always go up. He says he lets it go and finds euphoria when prices go up, but the fun ends when prices drop. Since his daily needs are covered by other income, he considers his crypto an investment. “Why don’t I take this chance to add on to my wealth?” he asked.

Brown, 29, who is selling her art on Rarible, looks forward to the prospect of funneling another source of income in the form of percentages from every use of her art on the platform. Rarible allows patrons to receive Ethereum as a form of payment for digital art.

In 2021 alone, multiple reports indicated that athletes were being paid in crypto. In August, soccer star Lionel Messi received a token for his deal with Paris Saint-Germain. In November, National Football League player Odell Beckham Jr. and Aaron Rodgers chose to accept crypto payments. Odell said he will receive his full NFL salary in Bitcoin (BTC), while Aaron will receive part of his salary in BTC.

In addition, three United States politicians stated that they would receive their salaries in BTC. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, New York Mayor-elect Eric Adams and Tampa Mayor Jane Castor said they would receive a BTC salary.

Back in November, LinkedIn reported that crypto-related job listings have increased by 600% since August 2020. Apart from that, the company is also offering huge bonuses to attract more crypto talent. HR firm Johnson Associates says crypto positions pay 20%–30% more than non-crypto positions.

As of this writing, BTC in the short term has just crossed a down-trendline that has blocked its advance. Now, BTC on H4 is already above the 50 and 100 MAs which become dynamic support to continue its rise, at least until the next resistance at 50,800 as resistance from the daily timeframe, or higher up to 51,800 to challenge the 200 MA which acts as dynamic resistance for BTC.

However, Bitcoin is still in a long-term bullish trend, plus its widespread mass adoption adds to the fundamentally important reason that this asset will become more valuable in the future.

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