• Speculation? WSB beat hedge funds in GME battle

    Speculation? WSB beat hedge funds in GME battle

    The retail investors success is now continuing to draw the attentions in the stock market. Although it is not clear how long this hot wave of WSB can last, the forum is bound to continue to select new targets in the future, so-called WSB concept. This week, silver price gapped up in the opening session and has touched $30 per ounce after WSB calling. View more

  • ดัชนีหุ้นสหรัฐฯได้ปรับลงหลังตัวเลขการจ้างงานนอกภาคเกษตรกรรมฯได้ออกมาติดลบ

    ZFX: No direction as investors keep eyes on those market variables   

    Recently, traders are concerning about the rise of the bond yields, somehow reflecting the inflation expectations. The benchmark 10-year US Treasury yield broke 1% last week, touching a high of 1.18% on Tuesday, that causing uncertainty to the market. Despite Fed officials reminded that the monetary policy, likely saying QE, will remain supportive in the foreseeable future, the 10-year yield is still trading at 1% above. View more