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Sentiment improved as Fed indicated low threat of inflation
On Thursday, stocks in Asian markets generally rose in morning trading session while the Dow made another new record closing high overnight. The Dow jumped 424.51 points to a record closing high of 31961.86. The Dow futures has touched 32000 level above in earlier trade.   Traders restored confidence as Fed Chairman Jerome Powell continued to lower the inflation expectations in the market, mentioning that it could take “three years” to reach the inflation target of Fed. He does
25-02-2021 04:12
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Dollar bounced! Investor are keeping eyes on inflation risk
Stocks in Asia-Pacific were mixed on Wednesday as the market sentiment turns to be a bit cautious, following the moves stateside overnight. The Wall Street was mixed on Tuesday, of which the Dow edged 0.2% higher to a record close. However, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq closed a bit lower, as the investors monitored the jump of the US bond yields.   The benchmark 10-year Treasury yield jumped to 1.32%, which is the highest level since Feb 2020. ZFX analyst Jacob Leung said that, it
17-02-2021 10:43
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Speculation? WSB beat hedge funds in GME battle
The GameStop (GME) “Short Squeeze” has become the most eye-catching issue in 2021 in the financial market, like another hot topic of “negative oil price” last year. GameStop is an American gaming retailer. However, the growing popularity of digital games and the current coronavirus pandemic have severely hit the video game business of GME, causing the company to implement budget cut and disposal of asset for survival.   The poor fundamentals of GME have also made the
04-02-2021 10:47
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Risk aversion? Stock markets were wiped out gains
Markets were all cautious   Shares in Asia-Pacific were nearly all bearish on Thursday, following the risk-off sentiment overnight on Wall Street. All three major indexes of Wall Street dropped sharply on Wednesday, all over 2% loss. The Fed left its benchmark interest rate near zero and kept other policies unchanged, as widely expected, but traders felt like a bit negative towards about it. Some analysts believe that investors actually expected “more” from Fed and now the
28-01-2021 09:30
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Positive sentiment maintains amid new US administration transition
Stock markets rocketed? Overnight, all three major indexes of Wall Street were up, of which the Dow rose to a new closing high, the S&P 500 gained around 1.4%, and the Nasdaq jumped almost 2%. Shares in Asian markets generally closed up on Thursday, following the Wall Street record highs overnight. The European Stocks also climbed a bit in early trading session, reflecting bullish outlook of those investment markets.   Bullish sentiment towards Biden’s
21-01-2021 10:43
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ZFX: No direction as investors keep eyes on those market variables   
Stocks in Asia-Pacific were mixed on Thursday earlier trading session, following a mixed Wall Street overnight. The Dow closed flat, the S&P gained 0.2% and the Nasdaq jumped 0.4%.   Investors are quite cautious to react to the coronavirus developments, vaccination, lockdowns of those European countries, and the US economic and even political situation.   Recently, traders are concerning about the rise of the bond yields, somehow reflecting the inflation expectations.
14-01-2021 05:23
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ZFX: Bitcoin’s “Bull”! Weak dollar maintains amid “Blue wave” coming
Stocks in Asian markets were higher on Thursday following the Wall Street overnight, that the Dow reached another all-time high despite the dramatical unrest in Washington. European markets are most likely opening higher, as now the market sentiment tends to be positive. The risk-on mode is quite clear as investment market is expecting the wins of Democrats in Georgia. Analysts generally believe that a Democrat-controlled Senate would benefit the economy overall, so that traders are betting on
07-01-2021 08:27
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ZFX: Slightly bullish sentiment before New Year’s Eve; dollar maintains recent slip
Overnight on Wall Street, the three major indexes closed higher, of which the Dow gained 0.24%, while the S&P and the Nasdaq were a bit struggling, up 0.13% and 0.15% respectively. Traders now may be balancing their portfolio during the year-end period, making a lackluster trend, especially without main issues all over the markets. But, the dollar was weak against other major currencies, that in general speaking, it hasn’t hurt the optimism around the markets. The euro, Aussie and Kiwi
31-12-2020 02:54
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ZFX: Markets turn back to cautious risk-on mode before the holiday
Stocks in Asian markets are trading higher on Thursday, Christmas Eve. Overnight, the sentiment over the Wall Street was mixed, of which the Nasdaq dropped 0.3%, despite the hopes of the Brexit deal. It is reported that the UK and the EU will reach an agreement in the Brexit trade deal talk, so called “imminent”. In the FX market, Sterling jumped to 1.35 level against dollar as investors bet on the Brexit deal, that can avoid a market chaos next year of the UK’s economy. The euro also
24-12-2020 06:54
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ZFX: Risk appetite is still dominating amid uncertainties
On Monday, Asian stock markets are generally bullish cautiously, following a mixed trade last Friday in Wall Street. Investors are now digesting those positive news of vaccine, boosting the risk appetite of the financial market worldwide. The approval of Pfizer Inc and BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine in the US sparked optimism of a faster economic recovery.   For the FX market, the Sterling is the focus on Monday early session. The UK and the EU further extend the deadline for the
14-12-2020 07:20