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Interest Skyrockets as Metaversity Launches

21-12-2021 08:58

ZFX – As well as being touted as the future of workplace encounters by Microsoft’s Bill Gates, the metaverse could also be the future of learning. VictoryXR, a virtual reality and augmented reality education solutions company, has partnered with Meta Platforms Inc. to launch 10 metaverse university campuses, or metaversities, across the US by 2022.

The Iowa-based company is working under its recently launched “Immersive Learning” platform Meta to launch a VR campus suitable for distance learning. The company will use digital twin technology to build a highly detailed version of its pre-existing campus.

This will allow distance students to enjoy an immersive and interactive campus environment. With Meta Quest 2, all students have access to classes as well as being participate, socialize, and navigate in regular camp activities through VR.

“For Morehouse, the digital twin campuses are very much integral. We are adding valuable historical sites such as the King’s Chapel and the Ray Charles Center for the Performing Arts. For all, inclusive of staff, administration, faculty and students, this experience is transformational,” said VictoryXR CEO Steve Grubbs.

VictoryXR is doing its part to make VR learning a reality. Back in the spring, the company collaborated with Morehouse College in Atlanta to launch its first so-called “Metaversity.”

Following the success of the initial launch during the first semester, Morehouse plans to introduce more VR classes for the coming semester.

Grubbs believes that this is just the beginning of VR in education. “In five to seven years, every college, university in the world will have one level or another level of metaversity. With best practices we can muster, we are pioneering everything that we can. What happens in 2022 will in many ways determine the future of education.”

As for Meta, the social media giant recently changed its name from Facebook, marking a complete shift into the metaverse space.

From a technical perspective, the movement of Meta shares is still ranging with a bearish tendency in the medium term, stuck with the down-trendline drawn since its all-time high. Meta stocks, codenamed FB, are still moving around the 50, 100, and 200 MA lines without a clear direction, but the structure is showing a decline and is still stuck at support around 300.

Meta’s immense ambition to develop the metaverse can be an attractive option for investors who are bullish and optimistic about the digital world in the future.

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