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Positive Cases Doubled in 3 Days after Omicron Hits NYC

Positive Cases Doubled in 3 Days after Omicron Hits NYC

10-01-2022 05:36

Positive Cases of Covid-19 in New York City, United States (US) Have Doubled in Just Three Days

From December 9 to December 12, the percentage of positive tests in the city jumped from 3.9% to 7.8%.

Where is omicron spreading the fastest in NYC?

Citing CNBC International, positive cases increased as the new variant of Omicron spreads. According to data released Wednesday from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), New York and New Jersey are the two states with the fastest spread of the newly identified variant.

The data shows that 13.1% of cases in the CDC area which includes New York and New Jersey are Omicron. This compares with the national average of 2.9%.

“Omicron is right here in New York City and it’s spreading rapidly,” said New York City Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Dave A. Chokshi, at a press conference Thursday (16/12/2021).

The fastest COVID increases in New York

“This is SARSCoV2 which evades vaccines & virus-induced immunity to infection unlike previous variants,” he said referring to Omicron. Mayor De Blasio announced that the city would increase its testing capacity going forward. He also asked residents who have not been vaccinated to be vaccinated immediately.

“That means the mobile sites we’ve been to, you’re going to see a lot more of that in all five regions, but we’re also going to be doubling our brick-and-mortar sites,” he said. “Don’t wait, get your booster now.”

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden said that Omicron heartburn is spreading much faster in the US. He also urged residents to be vaccinated immediately and take a booster.

“The only real protection is getting (the vaccine),” he said, saying the winter would exacerbate illness and death for the unvaccinated.

The US now has recorded cases of Covid-19. As of December 14, there were 117,000 new daily cases, an increase of 35% compared to December 1, which was around 86,000.

The Omicron variant was first detected in South Africa (South Africa) in late November and quickly spread throughout the world. In the UK, it is now the dominant strain and the country is experiencing its highest daily number of new cases since the pandemic began on Wednesday.

US Index-DXY Technical Analysis

Positive Cases Doubled in 3 Days after Omicron Hits NYC
Graph taken from TradingView.

The US Index – DXY daily timeframe closed bearish. Today, DXY managed to hold the moving average at the 50 support level. At this point, DXY might be going up to 96.169. But, if DXY breaks the MA50 level, then we can see DXY down further into the next support level.


Yes, Omicron and COVID have an impact. but turns out, today DXY is still going strong due to the fact of Omicron doubled the case numbers. A technical analysis shows that DXY bounced perfectly from the moving average 50 daily support and can actually hold it longer throughout week.

Pair that against USD, GBPUSD for example, and it will go down more as DXY continues going up.

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