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Market fluctuate, investors will keep cautious this week - Zeal Capital Market

Market fluctuate, investors will keep cautious this week

16-03-2020 10:19

As the global epidemic has not improved, so far most of the stimulus measures adopted by countries have only a short-term impact on the financial markets. Instead, investors expect that the overall market conditions will only be more and more volatile in the future.

At present, most of the analysis believes that the Fed’s policy can only alleviate the market liquidity issue, but it does not have much real effect on the risk of recession caused by epidemic factors. The market reaction on Monday hinted that investors were more worried rather than more confident. Regardless, participants in the market will still digest the Fed’s latest “big” move.

The Fed canceled the interest rate meeting originally scheduled for this week. Although the economic figures may not be the main theme of the market, but it can still make noise.

This week the US figures like retail sales, housing data, industrial and manufacturing output, and the leading indicator, will at least reflect the impact of the virus in US and even the global economy.