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How to verify ZFX account

Just follow the Step-By-Step tutorial below!!. 

1. After Loging into the “MyZFX” system, you will see the website window. Then click on “not yet verify documents”.

2. The next page will show a “Upload document file”. 

3. Select document type or ID card. 

4. Enter your “first name” and “last name” in English 

5. Fill in your “ID card number” 

6. Fill in the “expiration date” of our ID card. 

7. Upload your “document or (front) ID card” 

8. Upload your “documents or (back) ID card”

9. After completing the above information, scroll down. Then fill in the “Address Verification” in this section which can be confirmed or unconfirmed. 

10. In the case of confirming the address – select the Documents to upload 

11. Press to select “Documents to be uploaded” 

12. After selecting and uploading your complete documents, press “Send” 

13. After pressing “send” the document, It will take a period of time to check. This is sometimes 1 business day. 

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