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How To Deposit Via Credit Card? 

To deposit funds via credit card with ZFX Brokers, you can follow these general steps: 

  1. Login to MyZFX: Go to and then log in to MyZFX by entering your registered email address and password with ZFX. 
  1. Go to Fund Management: When logged in to the system, go to the menu bar on the right, click on “Fund Management”, then select “Deposit”. 
  1. Select Deposit Method:  

a. Choose a deposit method via “Visa/Master”. 

b. Then choose a deposit method from one of the providers ZFX offers. 

c. Then click on the “Deposit” button behind your chosen method to make a deposit. 

  1. Field Information: In this step, you fill out the information as follows. 

a. Deposit Account: Select the MT4 trading account you wish to deposit your funds in. 

b. Deposit Amount: Enter the amount you wish to deposit. 

c. Personal Information Payment Bank (If required): Fill out personal information or select the bank to use for payment. 

  1. Confirm and Submit the Request: Review the deposit details and ensure that all information is accurate. Once you are satisfied, submit the deposit request through the platform. 
  1. Process the Payment: Follow the provided instructions and complete the payment process based on the selected deposit method. This may involve entering verification codes, authorizing the transaction, or taking any necessary steps specific to the chosen payment method. 
  1. Await Confirmation: After the payment is processed, ZFX Brokers will verify the deposit. The time it takes for the deposit to be credited to your trading account may vary depending on the chosen deposit method and ZFX Brokers’ internal procedures. 
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