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Will you physically deliver the assets I trade?

In simple terms, no. We will not deliver any of the assets you trade on your accounts. ZFX is a contract-for-difference (CFD) broker. A CFD is a type of derivative that is always settled in cash.

CFDs shouldn’t be confused with other types of derivatives, such as futures or options that do have physical delivery options.

For example, when trading CFDs, if you buy one ounce of gold, you’re not really purchasing gold; you’re opening a buy opening a position, which must be closed at some point in the future. CFDs do not expire, meaning you choose when to close the position unless it’s liquidated. When you close your position, we’ll settle the difference between the opening price and closing price in your trading account. If you’re profitable, we increase your account balance, whereas if you’re unprofitable, we’ll get the balance from your account. Under no circumstance can we deliver the underlying product.

The same principle applies if you trade other products that we offer, such as shares, oil or currencies.


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