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How many types of ZFX Partnership program? 

There are four types of partnership programs offered by ZFX: 

  1. Introducing Broker (IB) Program: This program is designed for partners who have a network of clients and are interested in introducing new clients to ZFX. As an IB partner, you can earn commissions based on the trading volume generated by your clients.
  2. Fund Manager: The Fund Manager program is for partners who are professional traders or money managers who want to handle multiple client accounts. The MAM (Multi Account Manager) program of ZFX allows money managers to efficiently manage multiple client accounts, execute trades consistently, and monitor performance. It simplifies trade allocation, reduces manual effort, and streamlines reporting for both money managers and their clients. 
  1. Affiliate Program: The affiliate program is suitable for partners who have a website or social media following and want to promote ZFX’s services to potential clients. Affiliates earn commissions based on the trading volume generated by the clients they refer to ZFX. 
  1. White Label Program: The White Label program is for partners who want to offer Forex and CFD trading services under their own brand. This program allows partners to use ZFX’s technology and services under their own brand name, without investing in their own infrastructure. 

Each partnership program has its own requirements, commission structures, and benefits. Partners can choose the program that best fits your needs and interests. ZFX also offers customized partnership programs for partners who have specific requirements. 

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