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How to make the first withdraw 

You can follow the steps below!! 

1. Go to and click on “MyZFX” in the top right. 

2. Enter your email address or choose the phone number used to register and enter your password to login to “MyZFX”. 

3. After you have logged in, click on “Money Transactions”. 

4. Then select “withdrawal”. 

Note * After selecting “withdrawal”, for those who are withdrawing funds for the first time, ZFX will ask you to upload some documents (verify your identity). 

5. The procedure for confirming documents is as follows: 

5.1 Fill in your first name that matches your bank account. 

5.2 Fill in your first name for verification. This must be the same name as name of the owner on the bank account. 

5.3 Then choose the address of the bank account to pay. for example; 

Thailand (+66) / Bangkok / and bank branches 

  5.4 Please specify / fill in your bank’s BIC/SWIFT CODE. 

6. After completing the above information, press the “+” button to upload the bank passbook. 

7. Press “Send” to send confirmation documents. 

8. After ZFX system has completed verification of documents, press “withdrawal” again. 

The system window will change and then you will need to select “Trading account” and specify your withdrawal amount. 

9. Choose the method you want for withdrawal.

10. Press “Confirm Withdrawal” 

Note * Please double check all information before clicking “Confirm Withdrawal”. 

11. After you press “Confirm Withdrawal”, the system will display a message stating that;

“You are about to withdraw money for the first time. to comply with security measures You may be contacted by us. to confirm the identity card and bank account information (If the confirmation document has not been sent). 

If you do not receive your payment within 24 hours, please contact customer service.” 

*After you have read all the information, press “Confirm” to go to the next step. 

 12. After you have pressed “Confirm”, there will be another message. The message states that; “Information is under review. when finished the process Money will be credited to your account automatically.”

Note *If you have not received the money within 24 business hours, please contact customer service.

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