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How to make the first deposit 

An easy first deposit method with ZFX 

You can follow The steps below!! 

1. Navigate to the website and click on “MyZFX” in the top right of page. 

2. Enter your email address or choose the phone number used to register and enter your password. to login to “MyZFX”. 

3. Once logged into the MyZFX system page, press “Deposit”** 

3.1 ZFX will have a variety of “deposit” channels to choose from. 

  3.1.1 Channel 1 – Scan QR Code 

3.1.2 Channel 2 – Local Bank Transfer 

  3.1.3 Channel 3 – Digital Currency 

  3.1.4 Channel 4 – Visa Master 

  3.1.5 Channel 5 – E-Wallet 

3.1.6 Channel 6 – International Bank Wire 

4. Each channel will specify the minimum and maximum amount for each deposit (in USD). 

For example, choose 1-2-Pay (Scan QR Code) to make a deposit. You must then make a minimum deposit, which is 5 USD or 5 dollars. 

(*Please note that the first deposit may be a deposit greater than 5 USD. If you have any queries, please contact our customer service representatives or check the deposit details of each account type at >>> Account Type). 

5. After you have chosen the “deposit” method, press the “deposit” button on the right hand side.

5.1 In the case of “depositing money via the 1-2-Pay channel system”. 

5.2 Deposit via 1-2-Pay method. 

5.3 After clicking to deposit your funds via 1-2 Pay, select your trading account that you want to deposit to go into. 

5.4 Please specify the amount or amount you wish to deposit in USD. 

5.5 Press “Confirm Deposit”. 

6. After you have verified the information you will need to fill in some more personal fields. When it is complete select “Confirm Deposit” to proceed to the next step.** 

7. After pressing “Confirm Deposit”, you will see that the 1-2-Pay system will display a QR Code. You will have to scan the aforementioned QR Code for payment. 

This can be scanned for immediate payment or you are able to save the picture and use it to pay in the QR Code system in a Mobile Banking App. Remember that your payment must match your trading account). 

8. After payment is complete, press “Confirm”. 

9. After making a deposit and confirming it, your trading account balance will be increased by the amount that you have specified in the above deposit. 

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