Market Outlook

  1. ZFX: Ranging market pattern maintains due to the “choppy” sentiment

    On Tuesday, stock markets in Asia Pacific Region generally edged higher as the housing data in the US announced last night boosted new optimism. Even though the second wave of pandemic sparked bearish sentiment, investors once again betted on the “quick” economic recovery. The three major Wall Street indexes all rose more than 1%, of which the Dow jumped 580 points, up more than 2.3%. View more

  2. ZFX: Weak dollar propped up risk appetite

    Risk-on sentiment continued on Tuesday, as the market expects the White House will soon launch another economic stimulus package to tackle the pandemic-driven recession. On the other hand, Trump and his administration clarified the trade deal with China is “fully intact”, assuring the whole market. All three Wall Street indexes rose on Tuesday, of which the Nasdaq advanced 0.74%. View more

  3. ZFX: 9 million confirmed cases! Risk-off sentiment dominate?

    Market sentiment improved on Friday earlier session as the investors believed that the China-US tension eased after the closed-door meeting in Hawaii. It is reported that China will accelerate the purchases of the US agricultural products, which boosted the Wall Street. However, the risk of the second wave of coronavirus pandemic sparked the fears. Three major indexes lost all the gains in the late session. View more

  4. ZFX: Ranging pattern? No clear direction before big news

    The rise in new coronavirus cases is now one of the key concerns again, with more than 8.4 million confirmed cases worldwide and more than 450000 deaths. The risk of reopening economic activities is going to be higher and higher, which may slow down the recovery unless the vaccine has been developed. View more

  5. ZFX: Short covering under risk off sentiment

    Last Friday, the three major Wall Street indexes bounced back by more than 1%, of which the Dow closed nearly 2% higher, after experiencing a sharp decline on Thursday. Stocks in Asian region were little changed in Monday morning session. Some investors believed that the markets were over-adjusted so that released buying interest at the low. View more

  6. ZFX: Markets fluctuate after Fed actions. Low rates for years?

    On Wednesday, the Fed said that it would keep the interest rates near zero until the end of 2022 after the FOMC meeting. Even the Fed actually met expectations, investors feel gloomy after digesting the Fed actions, which likely indicated a pessimistic outlook of the US economy. Fed members projected that the US economy would shrink 6.5% this year and the unemployment rate would be 9.3% at the end of the year. View more

  7. ZFX: Signs of recovery? Risk-on trades dominate?

    The Non-farm Payroll figures last Friday showed a surprising improvement in the labor market of the US. Risk appetite was further boosted by the hopes of global economy recovery, dragging down the safe-haven demand. View more