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Daily Usoil & Gold technical analysis on February 9

Daily Usoil & Gold technical analysis on February 9

The performance of oil prices continued to be strong yesterday. It is because of the investors are optimistic about the progress of the US government’s new round of relief bill and the good performance of China’s economic statistic. In addition, U.S. President Biden’s opposition to the immediate lifting of sanctions on Iran surprised the market. This means that Iran’s crude oil cannot return to the market in a short time, which keeps the supply tight and continues to benefit oil prices.

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ZFX: Mixed sentiment maintains! Dollar index tested 91 edge   

ZFX analyst Jacob Leung said that, the positive progress of Covid-19 vaccine development weakened the safe haven demand for gold obviously these days, pushing the gold price down around $200/Ounce. Such a sharp rebound of gold price may include technical correction, which means that we can’t be so optimistic in the short term, especially near $1830-$1840 big resistance area.