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Gold price rebounds, only temporary? - Zeal Capital Market

Gold price rebounds, only temporary?

10-03-2023 07:45

“Jobless Claims ticks up, halting greenbacks ascend temporarily.”

US dollar paused its recent rally, eased slightly from three-months high after total Jobless Claims in the US implied possible softening in labour market conditions. Last week, Initial Jobless Claims rose by 211,000, slightly higher than forecast of 195,000 and the week prior’s reading of 190,000. Nonetheless, with overall optimism spurred by Federal Reserve remains intact, the losses experienced by US dollar were rather limited. The focus now will be turned towards Nonfarm Payrolls report which could offer more clues on Fed’s next policy move.

Technical Analysis

Gold price rebounds, only temporary? - Zeal Capital Market

GOLD, H4: Gold price remains within a sideways channel following prior rebound from 1808.10. We expect the bullion to continue oscillate within the channel in the short-term. Nonetheless, mid-term trend is still biased towards bearish once a close below recent support has been attained.

Resistance level: 1848.85, 1891.35

Support level: 1808.10, 1767.70

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