Market Outlook

The Consumer Confidence Index dropped sharply to 86.9 in April, reflecting the severe impact on the U.S. economy under the global pandemic, which hit the market sentiment on Tuesday. On the other hand, this week investors are looking forward to the r...View More
The oil prices finally bounced back after the dramatic drop earlier. The June WTI crude futures was up 19% mainly due to the expectation of a further production cut from OPEC+. Oil inventories surged less than expected, and tensions have been heighte...View More
The volatility of oil prices remained in focus on Monday. The WTI crude futures finally collapsed dramatically to negative territory, crashed more than 300%. The crazy plunge in oil prices triggered risk aversion in the financial markets, and the thr...View More
The poor performance of the economic figures released by the US recently had just little effect on the market sentiment last Friday. President Trump announced the guidelines for reopening the economy, which boosted the market sentiment, and the good ...View More
A series of poor economic figures released by the United States has triggered the investor fears about the global economic situation. The risk aversion returned on Wednesday, and the greenback jumped to near 100 level, causing that the three major Wa...View More