Market Outlook

  1. ZFX: Not harsh? Markets optimism resumed after Trump’s response

    Market sentiment was very cautious on Friday before Trump’s press conference. Investors were worried that the US would take aggressive measures against China, including economic sanctions. However, President Trump did not mention much that the traders feared. With lack of details, the Wall Street bounced back in the US late session, which the Dow edged lower, S&P 500 rose 0.48%, and the Nasdaq performed the best closing 1.29% higher.   View more

  2. ZFX: Trump’s power? propped up risk aversion

    It is reported that President Trump will hold a press conference regarding “China” on Friday. Investors are worried the escalation of tension between China and the US, causing a sharp retreat in Wall Street, giving up all the gain of the day after the news. The Wall Street three major indexes all edged lower finally. View more

  3. ZFX: Recovery optimism overshadowed China-US tension

    The three major Wall Street indexes rose on Tuesday as investors are betting on the reopening of the global economy. The US economic figures were generally better than expected, boosting optimism in the market. And, the news from coronavirus vaccine development was also positive to the sentiment. However, the risk appetite faded out on Wednesday Asian session. Investors are now closely monitoring the growing tension between China and the US. View more

  4. ZFX: Market sentiment was boosted? vaccine hopes again?

    In the early session on Tuesday, the drop of the dollar and the rally of the stock market index futures of Europe and the US have implied the risk-on mode already. The vaccine news from Novavax, a vaccine development company of the US, was one of the factors. The company said  that it targets the first vaccine testing results in July. View more

  5. ZFX: Cautious sentiment fuels demand for safe-haven assets this week

    The rising tension between China and the US would be the main theme in the financial market in the coming days. Investor sentiment is highly cautious. However, the stock markets were just mixed in Asian session on Monday. The move was not bad last Friday during US session, meaning that the sentiment was not that bearish due to the economies reopening worldwide. View more

  6. ZFX: US-China tension was escalated, offseted the hopes of economic recovery

    The fears of the China-US relation deterioration turned on the “risk off” mode. Even though some of the economic figures were positive to the stock markets, the three major Wall Street indexes edged lower on Thursday. ZFX analyst Jacob Leung said that, market sentiment changed to bearish. Some of the investors believe that the worst has passed, while some of them are still doubtful. View more

  7. ZFX: Hopes on Fed’s policies propped up the investment sentiment

    The FOMC minutes of April meeting showed that members were worried about the economic outlook of the US as the coronavirus created an “extraordinary amount of uncertainty and considerable risks to economic activity in the medium term”. Rate would not be raised until the economy is back on the track. Furthermore, all members agreed that the Fed will use full range of tools to support the US economy. View more

  8. ZFX: Vaccine optimism cooled, investors tend to be cautious

    On Wednesday European session, investors are cautious as the market doubted the good news from the coronavirus vaccine development. According to the STAT News report, several experts said that Moderna, a Biotech company in the US, did not provide enough information to assess the effectiveness of the Covid-19 vaccine. View more

  9. ZFX: Covid-19 vaccine hopes drove the markets!

    A big positive news drove the market move on Monday. Moderna, a Biotech company in the US, reported that the result of the phase 1 human trial for its coronavirus vaccine candidate was positive, which lifted the market sentiment. The Wall Street three major indexes soared, of which the Dow jumped nearly 4%, closed 911 points higher. The greenback lost against major currencies under such risk appetite condition. The gold price, after hitting its highest since October 2012, also retreated sharply from $1765 to $1727. View more