1. Difference between STP and ECN Forex Brokers

    ZFX offers two types of accounts: STP and ECN. Aside from the differences in spread and commission, the two account types also process client orders in different modes through different platforms. This article will introduce to you the differences between STP and ECN. View more

  2. DD and NDD Forex brokers- what is the difference?

    If you are interested in starting forex trading or CFDs trading, choosing the right broker is the first step. In this article, ZFX will explain to you the different types of forex brokers in detail, so you can choose the best one as you start trading forex. View more

  3. Risk Management Tips for Forex & CFD Trading

    CFD has become one of the most popular trading derivatives worldwide, especially in forex trading. Investors nowadays are making a beeline for its profitability. Attracting by its high leverage, new traders have yet shrunk back in fear for its potential risk. View more

  4. The Best Forex Trading Hours | Forex Market Hours

    What makes foreign exchange trading unique is its 24x5 trading hours. As the forex markets spread all over the world, there are fluctuations and trading opportunities in any period of time, and the exchange rate fluctuations of each currency are different in different market sessions. View more

  5. What is CFD? Learn how CFD Trading works with Examples

    CFD (Contract for Difference)  has become one of the most popular financial derivatives with high daily trade volumes. ZFX hereby offers an in-depth explanation of CFD in terms of product features, principles, trading cost, and the range of tradable assets. View more

  6. Granville’s 8 Rules for Moving Average (MA) | Forex Indicators Tutorial

    One of the most common problems many new forex traders may face is feeling confused about volatile prices and not knowing the best time in point to buy and sell. In light of this, ZFX wishes to introduce to new investors a technical indicator suiting their needs – the moving average – and illustrate how the moving average and Granville’s 8 rules can be used in pairs to determine the best trading signals. View more