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How to Become a ZFX Partner?

Here are the steps to become a ZFX broker partner: 

  1. Visit the ZFX website and go to the “Partnerships” section. 
  1. Choose the type of partnership that you are interested in, such as Introducing Broker, Fund Manager, Affiliate and White Label**. 
  1. Fill out the partnership application form with your personal and contact information. 
  1. Agree to the partnership terms and conditions. 
  1. Wait for the ZFX team to review your application and get in touch with you. 
  1. Once approved, you can start promoting ZFX’s services and earn commissions based on the partnership agreement. 

It’s important to note that ZFX has different requirements and commission structures for each type of partnership. For example, Introducing Brokers need to have a minimum deposit and active clients, while Affiliates only need to refer clients to ZFX’s website. Therefore, make sure to read and understand the partnership program details before applying. 

** For the White Label Program please contact our customer service to get more information on a live chat or send an email via 

How much income will be received as a ZFX Partner? 

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