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FAQ - Trading Account

Answer: Please log in to the MyZFX User Center. Click on the “Trading” on the left> Click Account list and select the trading account you want to reset your password for. Click on the three-dot icon on the right under Settings. Then click “Reset Password “. Warning, passwords must contain both lowercase and English uppercase letters and 8-16 characters long.
※ Friendly Warning: MyZFX User Center password is different from the MT4 account password. If unable to log in to MT4 successfully, please consider whether maybe the MyZFX User Center password to log-in MT4 which is wrong.

Answer: You can click “Forgot password” on the MyZFX login page and reset the password. A new password will be sent to your registered Email address.

Answer: ZFX offers flexible leverage options. After account registration is complete, You can select and adjust leverage when entering the MyZFX User Center.
※ Friendly Warning: Be careful of leverage rules. (Only limit Forex and Gold trading on Mini accounts) /applicable_leverages

Answer: The minimum lot for opening order in Mini account is 0.1 lot; STP account is 0.01 lot;ECN account is 0.01 lot.

Answer: The settlement currency of accounts is the US Dollar. All deposits exchanged according to the market exchange rate. The exchange rate is fair and transparent. We will not charge any fees.

Answer: Funds of ZFX clients are completely separated from the funds of the company’s business operations and deposited in a separate bank account from the company’s bank account. Money transfers must be approved by clients only. No one or any organization can withdraw from the client’s trading account and the company guarantees the fund security of clients.

Answer: When opening an account, you must enter the name, mobile phone number, email address, gender, date of birth. Account opening is free and the process is easy and simple. You can complete the account opening process within 3 minutes.
※ Friendly Warning: You must fill in your personal information and bank information before withdrawing money. You can submit by going to the MyZFX User Center> Privacy> Document verification and Verify Payment.

Answer: Although the demo account and the live account use the same software, the demo account is mainly used for trading experience purposes and does not guarantee the same transaction result as the live account. Therefore, the real actual price data should be based on a live account.

Answer: Yes, Demo and Live trading accounts use the same software, which can help investors become familiar with operating an online trading platform and learning about trading or investing with Forex. There are two methods to open a demo account, as follows:
1. First, please open a live trading account on the official website after registration is complete. You can open a demo account in the MyZFX User Center.
2. Please click on the official website to open a demo account: https://my.zfx.com/reg/demo Fill in the required registration information and select an account type. After successful registration, We will send a demo account number and password to your registered email.

Answer: Yes. ZFX supports opening multiple trading accounts after registering for an account opening. You can sign up for a new trading account in the MyZFX User Center and choose an account type according to your needs.
※ Warning: Identification documents for 1 person can be used to open 10 trading accounts. The account opening is done. You cannot withdraw or cancel the account. Please pay attention.

Answer: Our company will not charge any fees for opening an account. The first-time deposit threshold for the ECN account is $1,000, The first-time deposit threshold for the STP account is $200, The first-time deposit threshold for the mini account is $15, and then the deposit threshold is $15 per each time.