FAQ - Funding & Withdrawal

Answer: If your account has passed the real name verification, you can submit the withdrawal request at any time, and the withdrawal application review will be processed on the working day. After the successful review, it will be guaranteed to transfer into account within 24 hours of the working day.

Answer: Online withdrawal is convenient and quick. After you submit your withdrawal application and review it, you will arrive within 24 hours of the working day.
※ Friendly warning: If meeting the holiday that will be postponed to the working day, the specific withdrawal time will depend on the bank.

Answer: Deposits generally arrive within 20 minutes, and the specific arrival time depends on the speed of the bank and third-party partners. Remind you that investment operations should also pay attention to happen changing factors of account funds, deposit sufficient funds early, and establish good holding order risk management.

Answer: The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 RMB, which will be converted to US dollars (about US$15) according to the real-time exchange rate.

Answer: Please log-in to the MyZFX User Center and click on the withdrawal. Follow the instructions on the web page to submit a withdrawal request and confirm the withdrawal.
※ Friendly warning: The withdrawal calculation of the remaining balance is: cash for available withdrawal = Equality – credit – 2 x used margin.
In order to avoid delays in client withdrawals, please confirm whether you have submitted the relevant real-name verification documents (ID card, bank card certificate). In addition, for the first withdrawal, the customer service will call the client to verify their identity.

Answer: You must use the registrant’s own bank account when to register our account. This is to ensure the safety of the client’s funds and is based on the International Anti-Money Laundering Regulations. Please pay attention.

Answer: After online opening an account, You must submit the required identification documents to verify identity and bank account binding before withdrawing funds. The identity document is as follows:

1) National ID card Driver’s license and passport
For example: The front of an ID card, The front, and back of the driver’s license, and the page with a passport photo (Scan or take clear and un-reflective images)

2) Bank accounts
For example: first page of bank account book (The bank account number provided must be the owner of the account and the bank account number submitted must match the account registration.)

※ Warning: The uploaded image must appear four corners of the image. Please visit MyZFX User Center> Personal Information> Document Verification and Payment Confirmation. Fill out your credentials and bank information and upload the required documents.

Answer: Online deposit or withdrawal and general deposits or withdrawals, We will not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees.
※ Friendly Warning: If you use cross-border money transfer via direct banking for deposits or withdrawals, Banks may charge relevant fees. Please pay attention.

Answer: We accept deposits by credit card.

Answer: The deposit amount per each time must be at least $50USD

Answer: Please log-in to the MyZFX user center of the ZFX official website. Click “Deposit” and follow the instructions on the webpage. In addition, for clients to get smoother services, We suggest that clients use Google and Firefox web browsers.