5. Trading Platform Introduction

Beginner (5) – Trading Platform Introduction | ZFX Academy

29.What is MT4 (Metatrader 4)?

MetaQuotes Software Corp, a world-renowned forex trading Software development company, launched MetaTrader4(MT4) in July 2005. Only two months after the launch, MT4 has become the mainstream platform in the forex market. Due to its stable and high-quality performance, MT4 is widely recognized as the most widely used trading software in the world, occupying more than 90% of the forex and Contract For Difference (CFD) market at one time.

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30.Introduction to MT4 mobile version

MT4 is one of the most preferred platforms for forex brokers. With the popularity of smart phones, whether iOS or Android, investors can download MT4’s mobile app, which allows them to receive market quotes and place trading orders.

Beginner (5) – Trading Platform Introduction | ZFX Academy

31.MT4 VS MT5

Most investors assumed that MT5 of MetaQuotes was an updated version of MT4, but over the years MT4 has grown in use and popularity. The reason is that there seems to be no significant differences between the two, and the markets they focus on are different.