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Gold Silver Ratio – What is it and Why is it so High Recently?

The gold-silver ratio has soared recently, attracting investors’ attention. In this article, ZFX will introduce what the gold-silver ratio is and the historical trend of the ratio. We will also explain the significance of high/low ratios and their importance to investors.

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Granville’s 8 Rules for Moving Average (MA) | Forex Indicators

One of the most common problems many new forex traders may face is feeling confused about volatile prices and not knowing the best time in point to buy and sell. In light of this, ZFX wishes to introduce to new investors a technical indicator suiting their needs – the moving average – and illustrate how the moving average and Granville’s 8 rules can be used in pairs to determine the best trading signals.

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A Guide on how to Profit in Forex Trading

For beginners,  understanding the do’s and don’ts in Forex market would definitely help to leverage their earnings on the market. Here are some tips on how to make profits in Forex trading :

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Are Free Forex Signals Reliable?

As a beginner in Forex trading, you may be faced with a lack of trading skills or time, hence rely heavily on Forex signals. This article will focus on whether these trading signals and trading recommendations are reliable.

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How to Set a Stop-Loss in Forex Trading?

There is no sure win for in forex trading, and sometimes it is hard to avoid making some wrong decisions. Therefore, Stop Loss is very important to all investors, even for professionals such as Warren Buffet! This article will introduce the method to set a stop-loss on the MT4 platform, as well as the principles and techniques of stop-loss setting.

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Four Basic Technical Indicators for Forex Beginners

The forex market has a particularly strong correlation with technical indicators, and individual trends are particularly sensitive in the prediction of some indicators.This article will briefly introduce you to the four most common technical indicators for the forex market.


What is Swap in Forex? | Fee Calculation for Overnight Positions

Swap, also known as Rollover, Overnight Funding, or Overnight Interest, refers to the interest income or expense generated by an overnight position in a forex transaction as part of daily settlement activities. See how swap is calculated with a simple example.


What is Leverage in Trading? | Calculate Leverage & Margin

In financial markets, Leverage refers to trading in excess of principal by borrowing funds from brokers/dealers to open positions. As a result, investors will have more flexibility to trade with less capital for higher returns. In this article, ZFX will introduce you to examples and methods of leveraged trading.