1. Things investors must know before trading

Position management and planning

4.Position management and planning

It’s easy for beginners to get confused after they enter into the markets. The ultimate reason is that they don’t have a set of rules to manage their trading strategies.

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3.Be familiar with trading rules and contract specifications

Having read the previous article, investors should have some understanding of the basics of financial markets in general. Here we will introduce some points that investors need to pay attention to when entering the market to help you trade more efficiently.

Determine your investment direction and mindset

2.Determine your investment direction and mindset

As a trader, figuring out investment goal, like how and where to invest, and build the right trading mindset is a seemingly easy but difficult and lengthy process. This process will usually differ person to person and not be the same. Some may study trading strategies first, while others may begin going through many practical transactions. There may be experienced traders who have not understood it after a long time, and there may be newcomers who gain a sudden insight after trading for a short time.