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Oil price heading to $100? - Zeal Capital Market

Oil price heading to $100?

25-08-2022 08:03

“Oil price cemented its course for a rebound following hawkish signal in the market.”

Oil prices extended its recovery on Thursday as recent signal suggests possibility of supply tightness in the market. According to reports, Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its allies may cut their production to prop up the commodity’s price. Moreover, recent data from US shows larger-than-expected drop in oil inventories due to record high export. The data indicates high overseas demand as several countries in Europe and Asia struggles with severe fuel shortages.

Quick recap on USOIL

US oil price failed to extend its losses, with current structure remains skewed towards the upside.

USOIL Weekly Technical Analysis

Oil price heading to $100? - Zeal Capital Market

From weekly perspective, MACD shows diminished downward momentum, suggesting prominent signal towards the upside.

USOIL Daily Technical Analysis

Oil price heading to $100? - Zeal Capital Market

From daily perspective, its price is currently flirting around 200-MA line, which may persist for the time being.

Trading Idea

Oil price heading to $100? - Zeal Capital Market


ENTRY: 96.50

STOP LOSS: 88.50

Target 1: 105.00

Target 2: 109.00

ZFX Analyst’s Comment

Oil price begins to stage its recovery as overall structure remains skewed towards upside from weekly perspective.

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