Zeal Technology Details

Zeal Technology Solutions are the key to competitive state of the art trading environments!

We optimize execution speeds and continually strive to efficiently offer our clients more of what they need to enhance their trading experience.

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Zeal Technology is ZFX’s team based in Hong Kong. Empowered by the best and brightest technology experts in the industry, experienced in electronic trading infrastructure, financial data analysis, FIX connectivity, and execution. The team were recruited due to their  knowledge in the industry to deliver state of the art solutions and build best-in-class trading environments for our clients.

Our mission is to meet the growing demands of institutional and professional clients worldwide through a well-built back-end platform and the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) instruments.


Equinix LD4 Data Center

ZFX’s clients are now able to access various networks from Equinix LD4 (UK). Collocated to the major liquidity providers, exchanges, and interbank dealing servers helps our clients achieve the lowest possible distance latency.

About LD4 London

ZEAL MT4/MT5 Bridge

Our proprietary Zeal MT4/MT5 bridge allows us to connect with multiple financial markets, enabling us to offer competitive price quotes and execution to our clients.

The core of Zeal bridge consists of an ultra-low latency order routing and pricing engine, giving us the opportunity to connect our client to a wide range of liquidity providers. Zeal bridge supports complex order routing and aggregation, as well as multi-band liquidity streams for superior execution of high trading volumes. It is to facilitate specific the demands of clients in the retail as well as catering to the Institutional segment.

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  • Trade Routing

    Flexible routing system that allows our client to trade at the best price of the LP according to predetermined attributes. Can fulfill complex order routing and dealing desk functionalities.

  • Intuitive Management

    Bridge Manager for easy handling of client groups and hedged positions. Manage data feeds with min/max spreads, price multipliers and order book modifications.

  • Quote Filtering

    Filter out and only show the best bid/ask offer from all liquidity providers. This relies on our finest VWAP execution for all your transactions – fully automated.

  • Risk Management

    Advanced order routing rules allow customized trade and hedge strategies for brokers, allowing robust exposure management based on tiered parameters with multiple counter parties.

  • Reporting

    Easily adaptable to regulatory requirements. Create custom reports. Efficiently receive and analyze execution data. All activities are stored in the MyZFX database.

  • Transparency

    Live view of LP price streams and markups. Order book streaming to MT4/MT5 Server.

Zeal Electronic communication Network (ECN)

Our ECN liquidity solution is based on ultra-fast matching engine technology, which guarantees no requotes, no rejections and no last look execution. All your trades are executed at a fair market price. The matching engine is installed right next to our MT4 / MT5 servers to speed up communication and to give clients every few microseconds of advantage we can obtain. Zeal ECN combines the most competitive pricing from Bank and other Financial Institution liquidity, ensuring your orders are executed at the best spread available.

Zeal Technology ECN core is constructed with more than 200 hundred components and projects. Each component requires substantial development and test resources.

  • Anonymity

    ECN trading activity is anonymous, this allows traders to take advantage of neutral pricing, ensuring that real market conditions are reflected at all times. There is no bias against the client's direction based on either: forex trading strategies, tactics, or current market positions.

  • Immediate Trade Execution

    ECN clients can trade forex instantly, taking advantage of best executable prices in the marketplace, with immediate confirmations. The Zeal's ECN model prevents interference by price makers and there is no dealing desk intervention or requotes.

  • Access Liquidity

    Our ECN model offers clients the opportunity to trade in a global liquidity pool of regulated, qualified and competitive financial institutions. Prices are aggregated from over 12 different liquidity providers.

  • Automated Forex Trading/Market Data Feed

    Through Zeal's FIX API protocol, clients can easily connect their trading algorithms, black box strategies, and/or trading platforms to a live market data feed and price matching engine.

  • Variable Spreads

    ZFX offers variable spreads. On an ECN, clients have direct access to market prices. Market prices fluctuate reflecting the supply, demand, volatility and true market conditions. Zeal ECN model enables clients to trade on tight bid/offer spreads, which are lower than one pip on majors in certain market conditions.