Winner of the Award- The Best FinTech Trading Platform of The Year 2019

Winner of the Award-  The Best FinTech Trading Platform of The Year 2019
Winner of the Award- The Best FinTech Trading Platform of The Year 2019

10 January 2020 is apparently destined as an extraordinary date. While celebrating the 1st establishment anniversary of the Shanghai Service Federation Fintech Professional Committee (the “Special Committee”), the 2020 Forum was successfully completed in the Shanghai Science and Technology Finance Museum (the “Museum”). Among such wonderful events, Zeal Capital Market Limited hereby proudly presents our achievement in time- The Best FinTech Trading Platform of The Year 2019.

Winner of the Award- The Best FinTech Trading Platform of The Year 2019 - Zeal Capital Market

Zeal Capital Market Limited (“ZFX”) is one of the most trustworthy multi-national company in the global financial service industry. ZFX makes its name with mission of providing client-oriented services. Bringing forth the most diversify online trading experiences to its global clients, ZFX never stops working together with its subsidiary – the Zeal Technology Solutions Limited (“Zeal Technology”).

Establishing branches worldwide, ZFX has gathered all the most outstanding experts in various sectors.

While placing it headquarter in the City of London, U.K., ZFX decided to set up Zeal Technology with respectively a team of 30 talents in both Hong Kong and Moscow.

ZFX always works hard to develop a comprehensive division with its subsidiary. The full technical support from Zeal Technology allows the Group to perfectly meet the growing demands of market, offering advantages for ZFX to provide world-class services. Consequently, ZFX always stays close to the best market price and entitles traders to enjoy a market-oriented trading experience. What’s more? Under strict supervision of authoritative, clients needless to worry about their fund may merge with the Group’s operating capital, but completely independent to their designated bank account. With the tip-top technique and effective management, ZFX has created the most excellent corporate governance.

Beyond doubt, ZFX deserves its reward. On 10 January 2020, the Group has accepted it praise with the witnesses of the Special Committee’s representatives and guests in the 2020 Forum. Kicking off with a resounding bell, the ceremony has called upon a new start of the year with various wonderful performances.

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” Mr. Zheng Huiqiang, the Deputy Director of the Standing Committee in Shanghai, delivered his opening speech on the ceremony. “In 2019, the People’s Bank of China officially released the FinTech Development Plan (2019-2021); the formation of our Special Committee is precisely consistent with the policy. FinTech development has once identified its status in our national economy, promoting outstanding progress in Shanghai. Every of us may be aware that, FinTech has already come into the world’s tendency. Looking forward, the Special Committee will work for our people with liability, altogether developing mature technology in our financial industry.”

Mr. Chen Yue, the FinTech Services Committee Officer, addressed further comments. “As a bridge of connecting our enterprises and the Government, the Special Committee plays a key role in promoting bilateral cooperation. It has paid efforts to develop relevant law and regulation to attract more external qualified enterprises to take part to our pool. Shanghai always get ready to enhance its competitiveness beyond globe. With such mission, the Special Committee has set its target by which a remarkable system would emerge in our society.”

The vision of Shanghai seems to be positive in our foreseeable future. What about its Motherland? Mr. Huang Shihao, one of the Special Committee’s member, has shared his insight for China’s new economy. “In 2020, we will follow the path of 3Rs: Forex Release, Stocks Release, and Property Release. Adhere to such tendency- from leveraging our assets to stabilising our finance- our excellent economy will come as expected. All of us would agree that an outstanding establishment relies on a remarkable policy; especially, we are now under the case of wrestling with our core contender. There are no exceptions for us.”

The Museum and the Special Committee has marked their significant pioneering cooperation in the ceremony with harmony and laughter. It’s never easy to bring about such successful case. Behind the meaningful scenario were the efforts of the contributors, who were later rewarded in the ceremony for their talented performances. Everyone was under blessings of wonderful vibes, altogether celebrating for the prosperity in the New Year.

Last, the ceremony was ended in a singing of people’s whimsy. The successful completion relied on the support of various sectors. Guided by the Shanghai Services Federation, it is an honor for Zeal Capital Market Limited to contribute, further connected the relationship between ZFX and any of the enterprises which has taken part in the event.

Winner of the Award- The Best FinTech Trading Platform of The Year 2019 - Zeal Capital Market

The Special Committee was officially found on the same day last year. Today, it has been satisfying its duty and keeps blossoming in Shanghai’s Fintech industry. The Special Committee is committed to motivate the cross-disciplinary practices, in which learn for enhancing all the traditional institutions. In the foreseeable future, the Committee will continue its duty of promoting innovation and transformation, marking positive insight on its pathway.