CFD Expiration Date

Trading Product Name / Instrument Expiring Symbol New Symbol Expiry Date New Trading Day
CSI 300 Index CN300 CN300 20/8/2020 21/8/2020
WTI Oil (futures) USOIL_U0 USOIL_V0 17/8/2020 16/8/2020
Brent Oil (futures) UKOIL_V0 UKOIL_X0 26/8/2020 26/8/2020
Note: Contracts expiring this month may be affected by public holidays. Clients will need to close their positions before the expiry date or the system will do so for them. Automatic rollover is not currently supported, if needed, clients will have to manually open a new position from the new trading day. (All times shown are GMT+1.)