Institution Offering

Zeal Group is cross connected with the world’s leading liquidity financial makers, the global data centres in London (LD4), Tokyo (TY3), and New York (NY4), and we are co-connected to the Equinix Data Centers.


Customized Price Feeds

Supporting High Frequency Traders (HFT)


We provide our institutional investors, brokerage houses, hedge funds and high net worth individuals with customized liquidity solutions via FIX API. Zeal’s API offers unique liquidity with excellent depth of market through multiple price feeds. Subscribe to our FIX API and receive all in one liquidity for FX, Metals, Indices, Commodities, and exchange-driven instruments using only one FIX API connection. Brokers can also use ZFX MT4 and MT5 bridges to reduce their liquidity and technology costs. See our price customized price feed options below.

White Label Solutions

The MT4 WLP solution is made for small and medium-size regional banks, up and coming brokers, and regulated hedge funds who are ready to take the next step into the ever-expanding financial markets arena. Zeal will guide you through the process by becoming your backend partner of choice. Offering your clients a state-of-the-art platform with easy to use account opening and full operations management tools.

  • Attractive Front-End Solution
  • Full branding and support
  • Risk Management
  • Back Office Tools
  • Account Management
  • Demo and Live Account Facility

5 highly customized price feeds

Dynamic Feed

Zeal’s dynamic feed is ideal for traders that execute 2 lots or lower. Our dynamic feed offers our tightest spreads customized for smaller tickets. This keeps away the large ticket traders, providing our clients with lower rejection rates.

  • Lower rejection rate (Lower than 5%)
  • Fewer slippage
  • Minimized spread

Model Feed

Zeal’s model feed caters for traders that trade 5 lots or lower. Clients trades are placed in a separate pool offering a minimum Top Of Book of 500k so you’re not competing with the large ticket traders. This means clients receive the following benefits:

  • Customized spread with minimized slippage
  • Active price update

Prime Feed

Clients that are trading 10 lots (1,000,000 USD notional value) at a time have unique needs and requirements. Orders are not competing with smaller traders for execution and spreads are customized to accommodate the larger client trades. This provides the large ticket traders with the following benefits:

  • Appropriate Top of Book pricing
  • Low rejection rates
  • Reduced slippage

Pro Feed

Zeal’s unique liquidity and market relationships allow us to accept HFT and Algorithmic flow. Clients who have more aggressive trading strategies must be executed outside the standard set of underlying price providers, meaning higher execution rates with minimal impact on ‘standard’ flow. This separate non-bank liquidity pool allows us to accept flow some liquidity providers do not.

  • Access to quotes from non-bank liquidity makers
  • Reduce rejection rate
  • Reduce market impact

Full Ticket Feed

If you need single ticket fills to 50 Million USD in notional value, we can accommodate your business. The feed allows clients to enter a trade size and get filled at the price they see on screen. Market depth functions add a layer of transparency to where the client will get executed.

  • Single ticket execution.
  • Reduced market impact.
  • Improved client experience.