ZFX Mobile APP

  • Trade anytime, anywhere and to provide an innovative, advanced and more integrated trading environment
  • Gather global news to help you capture market conditions
  • Use a simpler, more convenient and more user-friendly interface

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ZFX Mobile APP | ZFX


ZFX Mobile APP | ZFX


Flexible and easy operation

Bring delicate experience with simple and friendly user interface.

Achieve convenient online registration, withdrawal, deposit and trading with one-stop operation system

Follow updated news

Refresh in-second market conditions, including forex, metals, crude oil and indices.

Get major events in advance with complete Economic Calendar

Custom your own investment

Add your preferred product by one click, easy management and simplified operation

Centralize and manage products, create your own portfolio

Caring fund management

Easy management of up to 10 accounts, free transfer of funds

7 x 24 hours deposit service