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Maintenance Calendar

In order to optimize our services and keep your trading experience smooth, ZFX performs routine maintenance on its products on a weekly basis.

During the maintenance period, the stated service(s) in the table below may be interrupted or temporarily offline (up to 15 minutes), or some features may be unavailable.

If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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NEW ZFX Leverage Now is up to 1:2000

Dear ZFX traders,

Starting 12/12/2023, you can now leverage to 1:2000 when you trade gold and FX with us. This applies to any ZFX Account depending on your account equity.

At ZFX we believe in risk managed trading. For risk management purposes, our system will automatically reduce your applicable maximum leverage.

Should our system be triggered by any increases in your trading account equity, your applicable maximum leverage will be automatcally reduced. This will affect your existing trades. Please refer to the leverage tiers below for more information.

Leverage adjustment over weekends and holidays

On weekends and holidays when trading sessions are typically low volume, market volatility may impact your trading unfavourably. As part of our risk management, we will reduce trading leverage at these times accordingly.

We will reduce any ZFX Trading Accounts’ (FX and precious metals) trading leverage to a maximum 1:500, normally 1 hour before market close on Friday, and resume back to the original leverage, normally 0.5 hours after entering into the new trading session.

This applies to all existing open trades, pending orders and new orders. Similar rules on leverage may also apply during market-moving news releases and holidays subject to announcement.

Leverage adjustment before major economic and market events

Similarly, to reduce any unnecessary impact that market volatility may have on clients’ trading accounts due to major economic and market events, we will reduce your account trading leverage accordingly.

On any ZFX Trading Accounts (FX and precious metals) we will reduce trading leverage to a maximum 1:500, usually 30 minutes prior to the announcement and resume back to the original leverage, normally 10 minutes after the announcement. This applies to all existing positions, pending orders and new orders.

Disclaimer: Please note that changes in the leverage ratio will affect the margin requirements of your trading account, and you are responsible for ensuring that you have sufficient funds in your trading account to maintain your trading. ZFX will adjust its leverage policy in response to various market conditions. Please pay attention to the announcements issued by our company from time to time.

Trading Account Equity (USD) Max. Leverage
0-3,000 1:2000
>3,000-10,000 1:1000
>10,000-20,000 1:888
>20,000-50,000 1:600
>50,000-100,000 1:400
>100,000 1:200