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How does the ZFX referral program work?

ZFX offers an exciting partnership opportunities for its business partners and customers.

Introducing brokers and online forex affiliates are aware that most forex brokers offer a referral program; of which ZFX. But traders are often unaware that trading isn’t the only way to profit from the forex market. If you’re in a community or have family, friends or colleagues who are interested in trading forex or speculating on stocks and indices, you can become a ZFX affiliate. If you refer people to use ZFX, we’ll pay you a percentage of their trading commissions or spread as a thank you for introducing a new customer to us.

As a trader, you can earn up to 20% of the spread or commission whenever your referred client trades. The 20% accumulates into the Bonus Poo – and the more they trade, the larger the bonus pool grows. To withdraw from the Bonus Pool, you must trade 1 standard lot to convert US$10 into a withdrawable balance.

Why are we offering a referral program? The reason is simple. Brokers have to spend huge amounts of money on advertising in order to compete for new customers, but we think it’s better to give that money back to our customers if they can help us find new customers; it’s a win-win.

When you log in to your MyZFX profile, you’ll find a dedicated referral link. You can share this referral code, link or QR code with your network – and if they sign up, they’ll be attributed to you.

In the “Refer Client” section of the MyZFX portal, you can see how many people you’ve successfully referred to us, how many lots they’ve traded and how much you have in your balance pool.

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