Announcement of Trading Service Downtime | Zeal Capital Market


Dear Valued Clients, 

We would like to extend our sincerest apologies for the server downtime that occurred on 18 April 2021. We always uphold the core value of providing clear and transparent services to our clients. Hence, regardless of whether you logged into the trading platform or made any trades during the downtime, understanding the true picture about the cause of the incident is your right at ZFX.  

The MT4 trading service and the App server were down from 7:05 to10:25 (GMT+1) on 18 April 2021 (Sunday), resulting in users being unable to log in to our trading platform and conduct trading activities. 


Cause of the incident 

As an internationally recognized broker with multiple regulated entities, ZFX’s main servers are centrally hosted in London’s top data center, Equinix. During the time of the incident, Equinix data center was carrying out a power system upgrade. Unfortunately, the internet network provider that we connected to, did not notify us of such maintenance actions in relation to the power system upgrade of Equinix. As a result, our network engineers were unable to take any measures in time to arrange for a backup power supply to our server rack, which causing the server to go down unexpectedly. (Click here for the power maintenance email notification sent by Equinix to the network provider.)  


Compensation plan 

ZFX takes full responsibility for this incident without making any excuses.  In response to this incident, we will formulate a fair and comprehensive compensation plan for the affected clients who meet the requirements of the reimbursement. Compensations will be disbursed promptly within this week. 


Clients who are eligible for receiving compensation: 

  1. Clients who traded specific products for more than 10 standard lots on ZFX platform from 1 January to 18 April 2021 (applicable to the products that can be traded all day long on weekends);
  2. Clients who were affected for closing a position during the server downtime.

Should you have any questions, please contact our online customer service, call our customer service hotline at 400-1201-726 directly, or send an email to   


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