ZFX Chief Strategy Officer Interview: Get Ready for Gold Trading

ZFX Chief Strategy Officer Interview: Get Ready for Gold Trading
ZFX Chief Strategy Officer Interview: Get Ready for Gold Trading

Graduated from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University with Business Studies, Mr. LEUNG Kai Chun, Jacob, has over 10 years of trading experience in Forex. As a specialist in Precious Metals and Forex, Jacob always captures the market sentiment with precise insight.

ZFX Chief Strategy Officer Interview: Get Ready for Gold Trading

In 2013, he was titled as the Precious Metal Trades Í CAPITAL WEEKLY winner with a 438% investment return and be rewarded again in 2015. His accurate investment strategy has made his name. Today, Jacob has participated in over 100 seminars and often contributes to various mass media, being popular among Hong Kong and China.

Jacob currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) of Zeal Capital Market (ZFX), being responsible for the Company’s investment strategic analysis. Displaying an attitude with confidence, he shared with us his vision under the outbreak of COVID-19 and provided solutions for any unforeseeable challenges.

ZFX- The Fair Trading Corporate

ZFX Chief Strategy Officer Interview: Get Ready for Gold Trading

Throwback to June 2019, the time when Jacob was invited to join the Group, he considered ZFX as one of the most dynamic corporates he has ever seen. Serving the Group as a CSO, Jacob has offered support for the Group’s recent grown, exploring new opportunities in new economy. The serendipity of serving the Group has enriched the insight of this talented young man, making every new breakthrough in his performing stage.

“ZFX has granted me much more than just a working platform, where I could fully uphold my philosophy,” Jacob said, falling into memories of his careers. Over his 10 years in the financial services industry, Jacob started his story from engaging in accounting services. Taking part to the management team in several well-known financial groups thereafter, he has opened himself a door to the world of Forex and Gold trading. Today, Jacob has become one of the most talented members of ZFX.

“It’s all about fair and just!” Jacob revealed, further explaining what he appreciated most about the Group. “ZFX aims to offer services which more than just a fair-trading platform. The Group allows our clients direct access to the entire market with no conflict of interests, no intermediary interference, and the most important- high transparency.”

While this successful executive was again underlining the principle of the Group, we could see that ZFX’s recent expansion has become more mature than ever. With its own discretion, ZFX has set up its proprietary trading applications with its excellent development team of 50 talents, vowing to render the most outstanding services for users.

“Every corporate tends to perfect things that is already outstanding. Indeed, there’re no exceptions for ZFX.” Jacob further discloseed the Group’s future actions. “ZFX will continue to devote effort on its proprietary applications, putting emphasis to grant the world most stable pricing with tailored services.”

New Economy under Pandemics

ZFX Chief Strategy Officer Interview: Get Ready for Gold Trading

Probably, every financial specialist has been asked with such question- What’s going on behind the scenario of our current economy?

Jacob has yet tended to seek an answer from facts. “The epidemic is always unpredictable, even though our data has presented a controllable situation,” putting his trepidation into words. “Our economy is under the most serious attack, in which the unrest may last for a year with adverse uncertainties.”

He predicted that the epidemic may shake the world with greater impacts, as compare to 2008 financial crisis. Putting in simpler words, the 2008 financial crisis was about a year only with no further financial unrest after the Quantitative Easing (QE) Measurement had been launched. While the world has put emphasis on money talk, the epidemic in time has collapsed our money illusion. “The world needs numerous new medicaments, which money has no say but time.”

Today, nations have already become a symbiote. They have created their own economic connections since our world is being globalised. Surprisingly, such inherent relationship between nations was broken under the outbreak, forming our world into a new shape. Beyond doubt, the world’s current situation also reflected the long way of our recovery.

“The duration of pandemic has no means to estimate. Notwithstanding, we should look at it more optimistic- it’s a challenge about years only. We all know at the end of the dark is the dawn.” Jacob concluded with his faith as usual.

Get Ready for the New Trend- Gold Trading

Indeed, a coin had two sides. It’s the worst of the time in our economy, but the best of the time to seek opportunity for speculation.

Claiming the time as specific period, Jacob presented his own insights. “It’s a time to speculate in Stocks, Forex, Bonds, or Gold. Nothing surprised but our market is upgrading to a fast-changing economic system. At this moment in time, we should adhere to a short-term investment strategy.”

When talking about our new economic system, although Gold trading are but some of the most preferred options in the market. In most cases, nothing could affect the value-preserving of Gold. He further presented that the world nowadays is under hyperinflation due to the over-printed banknotes from the hegemonies. The value preservation of Gold has yet functioned well in time.

“Forex is another choice for our investors,” Jacob smiled, “and my personal preference always comes to the U.S. dollars. People would agree that Forex is a global commodity under worldwide control, and internationals will soon launch their QE Measurement for sure. As a currency with the world’s largest reservation, U.S dollar shows a relatively stable prospect with no double.”

In other words, Forex plays a better function in hedge under the global economic shocks. Indeed, our market would love to acquire U.S. dollars when there’s such scenario.


Tips to Investors: On-going Risk Awareness

Responding to the recent West Texas Intermediate (WTI) issue, which futures fell to negative territory for the first time ever, Jacob would thereon like to raise some advices to our investors.

“We are the best investor for ourselves. It’s nothing about the nature of the products, but the attitude towards your choices. All successful investors have a thorough understanding to their selections and be rewarded by their endeavor.”

It seemed that risk exposure stays everywhere. “Rational investment is always the key matter,” he further interpreted, “investors should never get into a rut. The black swain comes anytime, and all we could do is to stay close to our world’s situation.”

With his words, Jacob has showed that “stop-loss” was in fact a mature manner of a qualified investor. The WTI issue was one of the good examples, showing the consequences of irrational investment.

Looking forward, Jacob has revealed that the Group remained cautiously optimistic about its future in China, planning to launch various promotions when the pandemic comes to an end. “The best is always yet to come. Why don’t you get well prepare for the upcoming opportunities?” Jacob- the CSO of ZFX- said, again displaying his confident just as our interview started.