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Corporate Action Announcement (Stock Split: TSLA)

Please be advised that the following share CFD will be affected by the underlying stock’s announced forthcoming corporate action:

Symbol Corporate Action Type Ratio Time New Opening Price Position Size Post Corporation Action
TSLA Stock Split 3-for-1 25th August 2022 (New York Time) 1/3 of the closing price as of 24th of August 2022 (New York Time) 3 × Initial Position Size

All existing pending orders on your trading account concerning the stocks mentioned above will be canceled as a result.

Any single position greater than 10 Standard Lots after the corporate action will be divided into portions up to 10 Standard Lots each (e.g. a single 13 Standard Lots position will be divided into a 10 Standard Lots position and a 3 Standard Lots position.).

Please pay close attention to your trading account as this may have an impact on your equity.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

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